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  1. Oh my goodness people do you not see??? It's been almost a month and not one case of Fraud has been proven. There is NO evidence of fraud. No valid affidavit. Trump admin stated Dominion is Smartmatic. Dominion IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN Smartmatic. Dominion is a Canadian company created by two engineers. Smartmatic is their competition. Do your research and see that changing votes from one to another candidate doesn't not happen. Lean more about absentee voting. Voter fraud does exist however if it happens it is not wide spread. It is insignificant. The fact that Biden was able to gain the blue states back with such small margins close to the same margins that Trump won the same states in 2016 makes perfect sense. Now let's be honest. If the Democrats were trying to steal the election, they would have won by a larger margins so the results would not be contested. Winning in Georgia by less than .5% is just stupid because it's not worth all the headaches for just 12000. 75+ mil people voted against Trump because they are so tired of his useless and demeaning. Can't you see that the real fraud being committed is done by Trump's campaign. They keep claiming fraud buy when they go to court it's completely untrue. The judges asks the attorneys if case is based on fraud and they say no more its not. Just watch the court videos. They are lying about the actual cases. After it's all said and done what are you are supporting are nothing but lies. THERE IS NO WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD!!!

  2. Gosh, all that Sworn Testimony Under Oath with the threat of serious Federal Perjury Charges as a penalty is just a ploy by the RNC. Really? You were sleeping the last three weeks and didn't hear about the tons of added 3AM Biden votes and tons of deleted Trump ballots? And there's much, much more. All of this Evidence was a big Hallucination across the U.S Yep, "Nothin' to see here folks". Just give the Nuclear Codes to the CORRUPT new puppet and his CORRUPT VP. Perfect storm. you nitwits.

    Valid election? It doesn't mean squat to the you and that's offensive most Americans.

    No surprise though, it's always been "The End Justifies The Means" with the DNC socialists weenies, marxist haters and even soft headed, uninformed leftists. You're like teenagers who have zero clue and a warped view of realty. You need to shut up and learn. That's you SJWs, and you WOKE, the big JOKE snowflakes.

    Democrats have been rigging elections for a long, long time. We old Patriots have watched it before. This time the DNC, George Soros etc have gone too far and got caught. Oops. Better learn soon because Civil War is at stake.

  3. And we will no longer be immature like children. We won’t be tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching. We will not be influenced when people try to trick us with lies so clever, they sound like the truth. – Ephesians

  4. In addition to all the other charges facing trump once he is out of office, I hope he is charged and tried for everything he has done to undermine, compromise, and create fraud in this election.

  5. Look far and wide for opinions when you could just tell us or show us what's actually happening and let us think for ourselves. They have evidence and I have 100% had a hard time finding access too it. Not the evidence they will present in court that it is their right too not display until in court. I'm talking about the evidence they were forced to show early before the case just to satisfy the media's urge for evidence now. Now that the affidavits are public and many of the claimants have revealed there identity prematurely opening themselves up to attack from the left. They have done so just to show you there is evidence you asked you recieved and now I find nothing but the evidence being covered up. You wont talk about it, you will talk about anything else, anyone who does is labeled hate speech and cutoff. No reporting and worse the reporting being done is being erased. If everyone is intimidated and drops out of the case it will work to silence the effort because it has already been silenced nobody knows about it and if they want to they are censored like this is china. The danger being that you are complicit in the fraud at that point. At this point. You can't censor 1 side of an argument for the fate of the world as much as you would like too. I like my gas prices at $1.50 and I like an America that produces its own oil and isnt so foregnly dependant. And 72million others agree so stop censoring us.

  6. Let’s review all evidence of trump cases do you have any proof of voter fraud with you🤔 Rudy no you’re honor just hearsay sir from witnesses judge : can you provide names . Rudy : I can’t give out witnesses names they could be attacked or harass. Judge: bring us proof you’re case is dismissed

  7. I wonder what kind of legal consequence it would have if Rudy or any of the Trump followers were to perjure themselves before a judge by repeating their allegations under oath. Trump still has legal immunity for a little while longer, so he can allege whatever he pleases with impunity. But not Rudy.

    A bit like saying publicly that one believes in faith healing or shamanistic cures or demon sperm or exorcism. As long as you don't claim to be a health care practitioner, I guess it's legal to promote these ideas, because that's covered by one's freedom of speech and religion. But if you're a doctor and you end up in court somehow, you might be held accountable because such claims would be tantamount to medical malpractice, jeopardizing patient safety.

  8. Instead of writing opinion pieces have any of the HUFFPOST news people actually investigated the alleged illegal mail in ballots ? To include Brian Seltzer and Chris Christie as voices of reason is sort of laughable.

  9. Today we have leaders like Trump who is an icon of ego and people also driven by ego, love him. Why do you think Trump appeals to so many religious people? The perception of God most religious people have is simply a projection of ego-self. In Jesus' day Trump would have called himself a god and the people would have gladly done the same. Today they have to settle for claiming Trump was sent by God. But ego rejects reality, rejects truth. As we are seeing, Trump rejects reality, rejects truth. And so does his base. That's the real tragedy.

    Reality and truth are always sacrificed on the altar of ego.

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