Super Panel: Who will win Nevada?

Super Panel: Who will win Nevada?

Team Rising gives their take on the back and forth between Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg, predictions for the caucus.

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  1. If they even try to rig this nomination, I will definitely stay aside and watch the DNC being destroyed by the Republicans. If the DNC screws up this time, bye, bye the Democrats forever and welcome to a third new party for the working class and only for the working class.

  2. Amy Klobuchar doesn't express herself well, is a terrible public speaker, has no charisma, and has pretty poor command of the English language for a senator. She made several grammatical mistakes, and her sentence construction is just awkward. She doesn't sound very bright, nor is she likeable.

  3. Nope, Warren will be lucky to get 3rd place. She's gone. her avg in each state is like 7%. Nobody likes her, minorities dislike her, out west no fans of hers, forget the rust belt. Florida she is like 5%.

  4. I think the main reason Warren didn't go after Bernie directly is because it's better for her to have his supporters neutral and not coming after her. She's found out the hard way that having his base at her throat is very damaging to her overall position. So she is better playing progressive by banging on the others since she knows she can't take much of anything from Bernie and it would cost too much for too little if she does. It's just safer to nullify Bernie supporters and keep their focus elsewhere. Which is why people should still place emphasis on the utopianism of her M4A plan and other general differences from Bernard.

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