Stacey Abrams’ Warning About 2020 Election Results

Stacey Abrams’ Warning About 2020 Election Results

Stacey Abrams breaks down Georgia’s key role in the election, explains why there will most likely be a delay in election results and talks about working with Gabrielle Union, Issa Rae, Selena Gomez and more on a voting initiative called Civics For the Culture.

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Stacey Abrams Wants You to Prepare for an Election Results Delay



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  1. He’s like the little kid at school that goes kicking and screaming. It’s a reflection of his level of maturity. Basically, he’s never matured, his whole life has been based on playing games or playing house with his beauty pageant younger wives, which apparently stagnated his personal growth…he shows no accountability/ responsibility or respect..part of maturity. For instance, he’s always been so hard on heavy set woman.

  2. This is why we in position we are as black people in this country. We organize and use our brilliance to keep get a white man to be president but won’t do this to organize our own political party, organize to get reparations or create our own economy. You are basically supporting white supremacy because you will still be in this same position as a people next election etc

  3. She's a smiling Satan like Obama, just not quite as slick.. listen to everything she's saying without your partisan filters on. It's double speak to keep everyone plugged in to the 2 party paradigm illusion. I see you, you filthy bastards

  4. Stacey is nothing but a hypocrite she wanted to ban guns BUT she wants to be protected by men with GUNS so quit crying about the police pull yourself together and go to a protest and yell all lives matter not just black lives not all police are bad and not all white people are racist have a good day

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