Saagar Enjeti: Ruling Class DOOMS Us To 2008 Collapse. Young Adults, Working Class May Never Recover

Saagar Enjeti: Ruling Class DOOMS Us To 2008 Collapse. Young Adults, Working Class May Never Recover

Saagar Enjeti draws comparisons between the 2008 election cycle and the current one.

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  1. For decades, the conjoined establishment's actions have been telling us they're thinning us down to a manageable number. They've assumed our inaction would prove we deserve it, absolving them of guilt. Our rising anger has them desperately confused and more dangerous than ever.

  2. This makes no sense. Why on Earth would the ruling class want to destroy the economy? How many paranoid schizophrenics does it take to think up that one?

  3. We have a ruling class that doesn't want to contribute to the welfare of the society they profit off of, they just want to make the money. They underpay and overplay, thus entitlement programs exist to try and keep a struggling population alive. Meanwhile the same ruling class doesn't wish to contribute a dime to that either. Of course if they paid a fairer wage we might not need such programs, but I digress. In the end we have a Give Me Your Blood, Sweat, and Tears and Then Give Me More, demanded of people who already have next to nothing and nothing left to give. We have the gluttonous trying to shove the crumbs they've dropped between their already over-stuffed mouths, begrudging the crumbs because More is never Enough.
    The problem with Socialism, they say, is that eventually you run out of everyone else's money.
    Funny, they never seem to tire of enriching themselves off everyone else's people's labor.

  4. Saggar, thank you for reminding everyone about how the 2008 bailouts did nothing for homeowners! In fact, I have friends that had several rental properties and all they needed was to refinance their loans and they would be able to make their payments but the banks would not allow it. Of course, these friends will never finance with 15 years loans again and now will just pay a 30 year off faster but still they went through hell and almost lost everything.

  5. You act like non college can only do uber, have you ever heard of trades,plumbing, electrician, construction mechanics ? Learn a trade and dont be afraid of hard work, I make 30 dollars a hour as a plumber

  6. Out of touch. The businesses around here can never get enough candidates. Hopefully, if everyone gets off their ass, stop shutdowns, and get to work, the economy gets fixed.

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