Saagar Enjeti: Republican shocks GOP establishment by swearing off big money

Saagar Enjeti: Republican shocks GOP establishment by swearing off big money

Saagar Enjeti says Congressman Matt Gaetz made the right move by rejecting PAC money.

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  1. I'm still anti-Republican. They still give too much public money to corporations! All these people saying corporations create jobs… until the politicans stop giving welfare bribes to "win" new factories/warehouses in their districts, it's actually us, the tax payers, that are driving the creation of these jobs, and it's us, that are filling in the weak pay of these jobs with food stamps and Medicaid. BUT we don't get the profits! No more corporate handouts! Companies must pay enough that their employees won't need public assistance. Companies that can't survive without us funding their construction and employees should not survive, because that's what real contain does to crap companies. And no one should profit off of human services industries like education, firefighting, healthcare, childcare. Profit in those industries leads to human suffering.

  2. So Gaetz is going to get a populist movement to support, cutting taxes on corporations and wealthy while cutting Medicare and social security and ending the EPA? Ok, good luck.

  3. Bone jiggler knows how that room has abused their product of the human machine biscuit and you can do the same thing to slotty rhubarb flanks with simple damp foreskin banjo meats. Salt it and simmer for two weeks, add affordable mustard aggressively and serve.

  4. Crony capitalism = capitalism. There's no such thing as honest capitalism. WTF is he talking about? It's all about the bottom line. It's literally in the name. CAPITAL. It's all about accumulating more and more and more.

  5. I'm new to this show. Came here via Jimmy Dore. Is she on the left and him on the right? Or is she the main person and he's the co-host? They actually get along.

  6. kudos to gaetz for being the first republican ever (lol) to swear off pac money. having said that, this guy isn't honest. there's always an angle with him; so let's wait and see what happens… maybe he wants to run president and is laying the foundation

  7. "Honest capitalism" is just "honest theft." Saagar's whole "new right" thing is a fiction that exists only as a form of spin. There's literally nothing to see here.

  8. The GOP have several of these young bloods who swim against the stream, who deny business as usual. The future do looks bright to GOP. The other side do not stand any chance against these young guns.

  9. I profoundly dislike Gaetz for actions and positions he has taken in the past, I can't wait for him to lose his seat. That said, Saagar's analysis is correct, if a bit too easy on Gaetz, it's a step in the right direction nonetheless, but let the congressman's actions speak for him.

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