Saagar Enjeti: NYT Editorial board endorsement is devastating for Warren

Saagar Enjeti: NYT Editorial board endorsement is devastating for Warren

Saagar Enjeti calls out the ridiculousness of the New York Times 2020 Democratic primary endorsement.

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  1. NYT and anti-Bernie people don’t seem to realize that Bernie DOES have PLANS AND POLICIES. His are so much more sensible and comprehensive than Warren’s! I don’t understand why people think like that. Good conversation on this Saagar!

  2. appreciate you both; this one, excellent understanding of democrat politics …. and genuine respect, maybe also affection for bernie sanders (*not a criticism)

  3. Ugh come on guys they're saying they don't see Sanders actually achieving anything as he has a hard time building bridges in Washington. A valid point. Bernie had nice ideas, but can he get the job done?

    Pretending Warren is leagues apart from Sanders is also very odd, they want very similar things. Is this channel just for Bernie, and taking Trump strategies to push that preference?

  4. I will never read the NY Times again. I gave it up for awhile after Trump was elected, because the NY Times and other news media LOVED Trump's tweets and gave him unbridled media coverage on the front page day after day. They are so biased, and it's time the rest of the nation throw out Wall Street, New York's urban values, and return to an America for ordinary Americans.

  5. I think this shows how out of touch the NYT is, not only with Americans but with reality in general. Traditionally in America (and all democratic systems), people only get one vote, so the fact they couldn't decide which of the two candidates to support is a complete non-endorsement.

  6. It is another facet of the corruption of the NY Times, and 'journalism' in general, that the same organization that purports to be reporting the news is making editorial endorsements of candidates.

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