Saagar Enjeti: Media IGNORES Outrageous Hunter Biden Corruption Report. Here Are The Facts

Saagar Enjeti: Media IGNORES Outrageous Hunter Biden Corruption Report. Here Are The Facts

Saagar Enjeti breaks down the recent report from Senate Republicans that details Hunter Biden’s alleged business dealings with oligarchs around the world.

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  1. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION = MOST CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION IN AMERICAN HISTORY HANDS DOWN ! Singlehandedly destroying the USA brick by brick RIP America and you fools voted for this corruption, the CCP is laughing and smiling at the excellent work that they've done ! And all of you fools don't even know you've been had.

  2. Criticism of “corporate media” is never ending.

    Nobody talks about the completely biased NPR. State run media, 100% LEFTIST. NPR has no credibility and is nothing less than an arm of the DNC.

    So how is NPR any different than our crony capitalist corporate media? It is also for all intents and purposes an arm of the DNC.

  3. This is YouTube, right? Because as far as am concerned, I would have thought, I heard the three CEO's of this big tech internet and giant media said that the kind of information this guy is putting out is not allowed in sites like this one, OOoo, am sorry, Biden is already president, so he doesn't need that kind of protection. Now facts are stubborn things because president or not Biden still committed these violations and allegations that are still being investigated for nothing because Pelosi will make sure that along with others that the results are of no consequences for any democrats


  5. I love the spotlight they put on trump during the attempted allegations at the beginning of his presidency, but when we actually have legitimate issues with the Biden family, it’s snuffed out. Journalism integrity is dead And it’s a shame. They divide Americans further and further with their agendas. Before long they’ll have conservatives labeled as domestic terrorists.

  6. 2020÷666= "30330BidenHarris" are so corrupt they will destroy the United States of America with their radical immoral agenda if they are put in the white house!

  7. The problem is just because the news Outlet says that doesn't make it true it doesn't make us believe it we saw him bragging that he was not going to give him the money unless they got rid of the prosecutor so they got rid of the prosecutor just like we saw him when he said we have the largest fraud group ever he may not have said group I can't remember what the exact word was he said what he says things it's out there at news outlets can't stop it it's something that he himself has said and we heard him say it

  8. It was actually Trump, not the Biden, who had the secret Chinese bank account. This program is useless.

    I have no doubt that R and D politicians are "legally corrupt". But Trump doesn't even bother with legalisms. If you're going to ignore, as this show usually does, the illegal corruption of Trump then what's the point of passing tougher laws you also will ignore when someone breaks them?

  9. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee confirmed Wednesday the information exposed by former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski that connects the former Vice President to companies and ventures in China. But you wouldn’t know it by following the main stream press.

  10. A 64-page document asserting an elaborate conspiracy theory involving Joe Biden's son and business in China, that was later disseminated by close associates of President Trump, appears to be the work of a fake "intelligence firm."

  11. LOL, as an update to this all so important story……Tucker Carlson says the "proof" of this conspiracy was sent through the mail and lost. Basically the proof of this story is "the dog ate my homework". The proof came from a blind man who owns a pawn shop and somehow turned over a labtop to republicans. Honestly, this is why I think stories like this need to be held accountable. This is how silly both Saagar and Krystal look here, everyone didn't report on this except idiots like Tucker Carlson…..that should tell you something when NO ONE wanted to report on this because they knew it was false. How funny we won't see a retraction from you Saagar will we? I love this "I'm not saying that Bidden is directly involved but I'll just imply it". I hope the Hill gets sued.

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