Saagar Enjeti: Media EPICALLY fails at making Pete, Amy happen as Bloomberg rises

Saagar Enjeti: Media EPICALLY fails at making Pete, Amy happen as Bloomberg rises

Saagar Enjeti describes the media’s “failure” in this election cycle.

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  1. We need bloomberg to get trump out of office,i am black,all my family will vote for bloomberg ,he is the only candidate who can get trump out of one is perfect,lets forgive him.

  2. I come from the future, and have proof that they have no minority support. They both didn't even stand a chance in Nevada and SC after Sanders and Biden both dominated in those respective states, mainly due to the support of Hispanics and African Americans respectively. Pete and Amy did terribly with both of those demographics.

  3. All we be doing if they elect him is putting a bigger smarter brain in there that's no better than what we got except for this man would probably be able to tear down everything that we ever thought was good guarantee it,, 🤔 he's a lot smarter than Trump ever thought about being and,, i tell you that, right now and I don't even know the guy,, but what I've seen that's what I "see"🤔😮

    Oh and just to let you know this comes from a old broke down Bernie bro😛🤪😝😛😱
    Later good luck to us all

  4. Bloomberg scares me more than Trump. As If the country doesn't have enough racial tension already wait till these vote blue no matter who bull shit votes him into office. It's going to get ugly for us minorities.

  5. Sad. All of those people in Bloomberg’s ads were paid chump change in terms of Bloomberg’s wealth. Really, really sad. I hope they hear Bernie’s message before they vote.

  6. yup. if a billionaire doesn't buy this one, they might not get such an advantage in the future. gravy train is threatened, nothing worse than a person who already has enough but feels he deserves more. #Bern

  7. I actually prefer Biden over Bloomberg. Both of them will be making disproportionate amounts of minorities wind up in prison with their proposed marijuana laws. But Bloomberg's gonna degrade you and frisk you in the streets. At least Biden didn't seem aggressive about his idiocy, he was just like 'maybe pot is a gateway drug' and looks like an idiot, but not aggressively so

  8. They are digging their own graves at this point, we are watching the deaths of the mainstream "always must be believed even tho every adult said don't believe everything you see on tv" media groups. They care more of opinions and surfing squirrels then actual facts or questioning power. They stenographers to power it was evident when we almost went to war with Iran ffs. They all said and championed for war…. it was the grossest afghanistan/iraq war wannabe shticks I ever seen.

  9. He can spend all the money he wants but he will not win, he can use stacy all he wants it just prove that he can buy people who have no value for the people who themselves say they are for but this show who you are and could have been the reason you lost when you ran for office 😀🔥🔥👍

  10. You no they want to take this away from Bernie again. I keep getting text in AZ saying we need to get behind Mike! My answer is NO WAY BERNIE 100% AND IF DNC TRIES to pull another 2016! I will this time Write Bernie in! I'm sick of CORRUPTION BIPARTISANSHIP!

  11. I can hardly wait for Bloomberg to join the debates and for Sanders to call Bloomberg his friend, as I have said before Sanders is in this race to come in second

  12. Isn't possbile that Trump was the Plan by the establishment from the beginning. Isn't that why the MSM gave him all that free press, so he would beat out all the other Republican Canididates, And then the establishment could make the "Lesser of Two Evil" argument, using Trump as the Monster needing to be defeated, to Elect the Establishments Super Hero, Hillary Clinton. When that failed they put Maximum Resistance plan into play. And now they are making the same "Lesser of Two Evil" Argument, to try to elect Bloomberg, who will then ask Hillary to be his VP. Where the establishment is going to fail again, is that they think that their Russia Gate, Obstruction, Impeachment non-sense has scared the american people so badly that Everyone will see that the lesser of two evils is much lesser, so much so that everyone will abandon Trump, and just finally give all power to the Establishment via Bloomberg/Clinton. But Trump is popular, more people think he is doing a better job then they did when he was elected. If they screw Bernie, Trump will be elected again.

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