Saagar Enjeti: Media, Dem elites don't care about workers, here are their stories

Saagar Enjeti: Media, Dem elites don't care about workers, here are their stories

Saagar Enjeti talks about the devastation being felt by thousands of American workers losing their jobs.

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  1. Society says: do what feels right. You shouldn’t ever work in a job that doesn’t give you pure fulfillment and happiness. Work shouldn’t be hard. You deserve more…..

    Millennial freelancer: ………. s***. Why did I listen to them

  2. Stop contracting work and get a full time job so next time China gives us something at least you can file for unemployment. You’ll still be screwed like the rest of us but

  3. Yes keep those videos coming People need to know that everything isn't alright far from alright & $1200 Isn't gonna cover the cost of feeding my goldfish for a month ….I mean who came up with this $1200 idea for working people They obviously don't have a clue about the real world & how much it really takes to survive $ 1200 Thats like sending a family of 5 a basket of fruit & saying that should be enough food to last you all winter …It just won't be enough & people know this..

  4. I don’t know what morning shows you’ve been watching but I’m NOT seeing this at all. The local shows in the Knoxville and the Today show are airing serious fact shows with administration officials airing the government line about stay at home, social distancing and unemployment.

  5. Confused as to why you are calling out "dem elites" When democrats were fighting for a higher monetary value to the checks….. Like what? Do you guys ever attack Republicans?

  6. I had hoped that the dnc would help people but it looks like there helping themselves don't want to but it time to start a working people party I'm very sad but time's have changed insurance companies have bought them out someone needs to help all Americans

  7. R all the problems of today being sourced to the Obama administration?! Is Neoliberalism born on Obama’s ascension to the presidency? M. Enjeti is smart, I’ll give him that. Smart and articulated but he overplays the Obama=neoliberal problem card. Don’t become just another brand of the media you’re so elegantly denouncing,…, please.

  8. I think this is a small peek into what former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang's insight of what automation will do to the world's workforce and the American people. We need to wake up now to the potential of what this epidemic is showing us. Replace the effects of the virus on the working class with the infinite long term effects of Automation and the future doesn't look so bright. I think Universal Basic Income is a needed start to prepare All of us for the coming events. I wish call back Andrew Yang to run as the working class representative Presidential candidate. We need him now more than ever. I pray for us all.

  9. Could not have put this better. I and a family member who lives in my same household are service industry. HVAC Tech and an electrician. The only reason we are able to get by with shelter at home at the moment is my wife's upper management position at a major bank. We are able to protect my elderly mother in law and ourselves and try to relieve some strain on our healthcare workers, (nurses and police officers are also in our family), and we are sacrificing our jobs to do so. My youngest daughter is moderate autistic and should be in therapy but possibly will not be able to for the rest of the year. This makes me furious and frustrated to hear this cosmo yuppy crap. Get on youtube and see around you how people are suffering and are scared and we are dealing with the fact that half the people we know not only may become infected serving our communities but may die doing so. What a pompous ass for not thinking that way but actually tweeting it out.

  10. Long time independent contractor…in remodelling
    Self supporting the basics . Now down to my last job as this pandemic hits. Working short days. No insurance. No long term retirement plan. Really goes back to the 2008 crash. Never really recovered. Just hung on. Here we go 12 years later another crash…..will i get a check from the Government. Doubt it.

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