Saagar Enjeti: Media, AOC's DANGEROUS Push To Cancel Everyone Who Worked For Trump

Saagar Enjeti: Media, AOC's DANGEROUS Push To Cancel Everyone Who Worked For Trump

Saagar Enjeti explains the dangers of the calls to cancel or render every person who has ever worked for Donald Trump as unemployable.

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  1. If you write lists like this, don’t be shocked when you’re on one too. And don’t expect a day in court either- because nobody on your list did either.

  2. It’s a good thing AOC doesn’t have the Charisma to actually become the next Hitler. Without it she’s just your average racist.

    I promise to treat the Democrat’s President the way they treated America’s President.


  4. I keep wondering why Trump and friends are so deserving of scorn while Bush and company weren't. If group of clowns deserved to be completely ostracized from D.C. it was Bush and his incompetent lackeys and Neo-Con organizers.
    Since Trump was elected 4 years ago, I keep wondering how so very few people see the reaction to Trump and compare it to the lack of reaction to Bush. The difference is that Bush and company represented established D.C. figures. That's the only difference I can see. It had nothing to do with the country, everything to do with an in-group protecting its own.

  5. The only corruption that I see involves Donald Trump and his family. Their connections to Russia needs to be investigated. Don Junior meets with Russians, Rudy Giuliani meets with Russians, Michael Flynn meets with Russians. Donald Trump meets with Vladimir Putin at Helsinki no one knows what they spoke about. There a lot smarter people who comment but if you can put 2 &2 together then you are blinded.

  6. Someone seems to be a trump super fan. Sad to see Americans accept the fact that most these poltiticans that worked for trump are corrupt. Why would you want them in the government when you know they don’t care about you. Some just seems upset at progressives.

  7. I can't believe anybody would vote for Democrats all you have to do is look at the states that the Democrats run they look like 3rd world countries they are ran into the ground red States aren't like that

  8. So we shouldn't hold people who were obviously okay with over throwing democracy accountable? That sounds like a great idea. How do you compromise with someone who doesn't believe in democracy? Just let them take over? It'll all be good right?

  9. Well well well let's have a truth and reconciliation and accountability program for democrats to while you are at it miss Aoc

  10. It goes both ways. In a matter of time Republicans will be back in control of the house at some point and then the Democrats will have to hope they don't get the same treatment

  11. Whatever dude. That sword cuts both ways. If it's legitimate to do this, then everyone will be subject to such action.
    Your outrage is ridiculous. C'mon. Aren't you simply promoting a conservative version of the "chickenn little" syndrome that arch democrats are doing? Yeah, you are.

  12. She was not running when those people were in power. Calling to marginalize losers who empowered trumps overt failures seems pretty reasonable to me. The fact is he was a total failure and if nothing else his attempt to subvert democracy should be kept in front of mind when looking at his staff. The GOP is entirely polarized, pretending they are not changes nothing.

  13. If you are about speaking truth Ms. Ball, acknowledge that the children that were"separated" from their parents were actually sent to the US boarder alone by their parents and not separated by our government.

  14. I can't help feel schadenfreude considering how McCarthyism has DOMINATED the right wing for literally generations.
    This is the politics of conservatism being mirrored back at it by progressives. No matter how much conservatives CLAIM to have changed & be the champions of old school liberal values the fact remains that their relationship with free expression is only ever one of convenience. They abandon it as soon as it no longer suits their needs.
    Some liberals MAY be overblowing this, but AOC herself literally limited her suggestion to SYCOPHANTS. Not his base, the voting public or his allies in general, but only those who have shown unquestioning loyalty… those people SHOULD be blacklisted. That kind of "political loyalty" is dangerous! I feel the same about Democratic sycophants. Holding people in power accountable for the things they have supported & their own actions is the NUMBER ONE priority of any political system worth anything.

  15. Sounds like sagars already got a list. He seems to remember the misdeeds of a lot of people. Seems like AOC’s point was “let’s not forget who these folk are” (and what they stood for)

  16. Wonder what Sager says now with these same people he's defending attempting a coup? This is what happens when dealing with people who live in a world with no consequences.

  17. Krystal is soo BAD. Razor sharp with her analysis, impeccably fit and fashionable and a mom. She's killing it. I love how this show teaches people how to watch the news as well. It really presents both sides of stories ultimately showing viewers how to think critically of news stories and the actions of politicians

  18. You and Krystal did all you could to hurt the Trump administration and now you all want to complain about Biden. You both had my respect all summer and started losing it around August. No I can see how you all gave up bad for worse this screwing us all… after today no more respect and I’m sickened by you both.

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