Saagar Enjeti: Masks come off as elite media, deep state go ALL IN for Joe

Saagar Enjeti: Masks come off as elite media, deep state go ALL IN for Joe

Saagar Enjeti blasts mainstream media reporters and Whoopi Goldberg for abandoning all journalistic standards for Joe Biden.

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  1. Admit it folks America is built on corruption that took root from the beginning of its republic it's like the tares growing alongside the corn..soon the corn will be overwhelmed if trump loses by these tares that include whoopi Biden weissman and the evil cabal

  2. It doesn't matter ,what the elite think ,those involved with their deep state activity, their careers are over when Trump is re elected,those creating new narrative on the left after their previous last 20 narratives have been lies or false , manipulated information , I believe the Dems and liberal, will become invisible when indictments get passed out for their false testimonials and sworn statements the actors may not be as famous for their shows or movies , as they will be standing in line a long time for an integrity award

  3. The view is a Racial dividing show. It’s constantly talking about race. No matter what the subject. They go out of their way to incite job loss to so called white people. So called white people cant fart in a bag without being called racist on that show. For years I watched it thinking are they trying to start a race war. And now look what’s happening. And of course it’s president trumps fault because he’s white. I hate the black and white stuff but I can’t say this without saying that. The want gone with the wind taken off, aunt jemima syrup label gone because it singles out a race. Well the view should be gone they do that on a daily basis. End all racism. Let’s each of us be members of the human race and treated as individuals. No more singling out race groups. Single out individuals involved in any particular situation.
    Stop gone with the wind
    Stop the view

    Take view off air.

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