Saagar Enjeti: How Trump, Biden Could Try To STEAL The Election

Saagar Enjeti: How Trump, Biden Could Try To STEAL The Election

Saagar Enjeti weighs in on the uncertainty of the 2020 election, highlighting tight polling in battleground states and previews a potential nightmare scenario following the election.

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  1. Sagaar following the election this has not aged well. Everyone knows it’s Trump who’s trying to steal the election. Stop trying to both sides this thing. Just admit you support a fascist wanna be dictator. In this radar you seem so angry with Hillary saying not to concede but while Trump is actively undermining the election you blow it off like nothing. You disgust me.

  2. And it was the Dems that insisted on mail-in voting, while Donald Trump was warning that this was going to bring chaos. All the while dr. Anthony Fauchi saying that it was safe to go vote, but yet Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of the Democrats ignored the science and Screeched, "coronavirus! we NEED mail-in voting!" It's obvious who the real cheaters are.

  3. So, the Democrats are prepared to not give an inch and do anything conceivable to claim the election win. This is beyond disturbing where they are willing to go and the things they are willing to do in order to claim power. Sitting and waiting until you see how many votes you need and start pulling out mail in ballots until you have theoretically won the election?

  4. Dear editor,

     Haven't the Democrats done enough damage controlling the House of Representatives? Unless your a member of ANTIFA or  an outright socialist or Communist ,what in God's name would you want to have the senate controlled by the Democrats? Very few Democrats have shown any remorse for all the needless chaos that they've caused America. To put any more of those radical democrats back in the senate or the house would be very close to a form of mass suicide!

  5. Every State should be clear that when people are caught tampering with a lawful election, not only will they face criminal charges, but also, their vote will not be counted. Will Trump ever agree with such a common sense law?

  6. If Trump appears to win on election night before a substantial number of votes are counted it will only be due to the calling of states before adequate votes have been counted. If Biden then ultimately wins it will only be because he actually garnered more votes in enough states to get at least 270 electoral votes. All of the "uncertainty" is a smokescreen designed to cast doubt on a Biden win (THIS VIDEO INCLUDED).

  7. How exactly are "BOTH" parties trying to steal the election? the democrats are the one's pushing for mail in voting which has already shown HUGE vulnerability to fraud even though fauci already gave the ok to in person voting in november. Also they are even putting out articles claiming that it will appear as though trump won on election night but somehow are 100 percent sure that as soon as the mail in vote is counted biden will be the victor. the only way you could make that claim is if you plan on rigging the results

  8. We saw corrona virus coming as a culture mostly we did nothing, we see problems of global warming coming, we do not do much anything. We see this election debacle coming we talk about but as a whole as a country and culture we are doing nothing. Congress is not talking about how to try to figure out how to make it fair…… Hillary Clinton to me is always in a war mode political battle thingking, she is preparing on how to win the senario, but she is always in that mind of opotitional thinking. But when I say "we see" what I mean, and what congress or all political people who want to see democracy survive should be preparing for is "how to solve the problem we see" that is different though process than "how to win the election".

    So we see an election coming with different timing of when votes are counted and we know Trump and both sides will try to claim they are winners and/or not conceded. So one solution I see is all public figures including all congress people and leaders right now should be trying to create or at least discuss rules of conduct for Trump and Biden so these are talked about and in the public mind. not T or B will necessarly follow rules, they do not, but like in any sport having rules stated helps maintain the sport being an institution. and Democracy as an institution is what is in question,and therefore stability of our society and civilization to avoid street fighting and civil war is what we are talking about. as an institution is what is in question. So two thing one I think is people right now talking about what conduct B and T should have and also talking about and basing it by each states foreseen timeline.

    Congress and press and concerned leaders who want to create a possible plan of conduct should interview and investigate each state right now and say the timeline of the expected results for each state. For example if they should forces 5 months until mail in ballots and most total votes are counted for Ohio, the should say, "no candidate can declair they won Ohio in 5 months." they should also say "the press should not declare the winner for 5 months.

    The should also call a group of united nation election observers to observe each state election process. This should be paid by united nations funds….. even if it is expensive, the UN should realize that the stability of the biggest military power in the world affects all countries….

    The people should be demanding states to have transparent voting process and should demand this election there be a study on voting to propose implementing standards all states should follow in the future.

  9. These corporate controlled talking heads are talking about this country, using terms like “powder keg” and stating that this election is going to go bad no matter who wins. Whether or not that is true, it would only be because the media (with its countless shows just like this) have been priming us for things to become this way. Again, this show literally calls itself a corporate media outlet, why do you listen to them? Does no one know what independent journalism is anymore? That type of journalism where they just give you the information without worrying how it may effect the bottom line for massive corporations, without telling you how what to do, or think. They don’t pander and they definitely don’t repeat the same crap over and over until people start repeating it.

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