Saagar Enjeti: Have Progressives Given Up On Dem Establishment, Biden?

Saagar Enjeti: Have Progressives Given Up On Dem Establishment, Biden?

Saagar Enjeti discusses how Josh Hawley, other GOP and Dem lawmakers, are working across party lines to push economically progressive policies amid the economic fallout.

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  1. America is center right or center left. Not far right or far left.these so called squad are dividing the democratic party.they should form their own party .repu blicans are united with tea party.libertarians.

  2. Progressives should form their own party. And communicate their platforms clearly.
    And let people accept or reject them. A significant proportion of their proposals are wacked out. Some polices are good.

  3. I've pretty much given up yeah. Bernie was keeping me in. Now it's AOC keeping me hanging in there by a thread. I don't agree with her assessments though, but I can trust she's a wonderful person.

  4. They are racist tho lol. I can agree with racists on some policy shit but if they're still cool with white supremacy on the rise and a dude whose loved by David Duke than my well being ain't their priority and the well beings of those who are different to them can go to hell I guess.

  5. Good ideas are good ideas, wherever they come from. The problem with our politics is that they encourage ad hominem- the rejection of good ideas based on who speaks them. To some extent, there is a good to rejecting a bad person with several good ideas. And sometimes we should be suspicious of a good idea because of who supports it. But we need to be able to reward good ideas largely independent of who is on board. If progressives can extract worker friendly proposals from the GOP, they by all means should- they clearly aren't going to get them from Democratic leadership as long as liberals are seen as only Democrats when they participate in politics.

  6. The left and right used to be based on policy position. Now it's based on identity politics. And we know which side is pushing the identity politics.

  7. Nader wrote a book suggesting an alliance of workers across political boundries. Of course, if there was media penetration and or organizational efforts targeting reactionary workers as Fred Hampton did back in the day…we may have an opening for progress.
    Team working class…sounds like vulgar Bolshevism and I fully support it!
    Viva Marx Engles Mao Lenin Sankara Che Beko…..

  8. "Progessive" social stuff is really just Communism. Best leaders are third way: socially conservative, economically moderate, not socialist in any sense, not right wing really.

  9. You're damn right we're looking for bi-partisan collaboration! The two-party system is absurd and ruinous, now more than ever. Republicans and Democrats need to wrap their brains around that.

  10. There are many sets and subsets of demographics, but we have a binary party system which only has Corporate Capitalists versus Neoliberal Capitalist. no progressive party, no people's party, no real alternative party.

  11. Blue, or Trump. I didnt get my guy, but I know BLUE is better than what is going on. Justices are being placed with life terms by Trump, gerrymandering is being placed left and right. Are you ok with the long term effects?

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