Saagar Enjeti: GOP Civil War ERUPTS Between Libertarians, Neocons. Populists MUST WIN

Saagar Enjeti: GOP Civil War ERUPTS Between Libertarians, Neocons. Populists MUST WIN

Saagar Enjeti predicts how GOP leadership will change if Donald Trump does not win re-election.

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  1. Any GOP Civil War will be a short one. More on style and execution rather than core values. Their core values across the various factions are well to do white Christian male supremacy. Even if they are not white (small minority) and are not Christian (my Jewish friend or Hindu or Buddhist friend who we will convert) or not very religious (or not religious at all in the style of Ayn Rand) and about fifty percent women (my white upper middle class status will protect me well enough & I can travel to pro-Choice states if I want an abortion) and not even well to do (I would be rich if the damn government didn't take my money in taxes and give it to all the damn minorities). It has been asked why conservatives always seem more united than progressives. It is because there are many ways to move forward but only one way to stay still. The law, ethics, morality, the Constitution, tradition, facts, etc. will be thrown out the door if white Christian male supremacy is threatened. There is a lot one can damn the Democrats for (neoliberal economics and neoconservative foreign policy) but they at least live in 2020 while the Republicans are still living in 1956. Have been living there for a long time long before Trump and probably long after he is gone.

  2. I have to say that I'm always amazed when you claim Thomas Massie is a Libertarian extremist. You continue to mischaracterize his position as anti-government when it is a limited government in a more Libertarian mold. In total there are a few, maybe 3 to 5 members that are Libertarian leaning. Massie has been attacked by not only Chaney but Trump himself. I wish you would report a less extreme and more accurate view when it comes to Libertarians. All that said I do enjoy and appreciate your shows analysis of issues.

  3. Jim Jordan is a corporate-sellout hack. I would not be surprised at all if he goes down with Larry Householder in the First Energy nuclear bailout scandal. Nobody should accept Jim Jordan as a serious person.

  4. Civil war within the Republican party is such a regular occurrence over the course of its history that one could make a reasonable argument for it being a major component of the party's operations philosophy and longevity.

    Another point I think is worth far more consideration than it receives is how these internal upheavals have played out as they've manifested over the last 60+ years. There has been a very clear outcome in favor of the neoconservative/proto-neocon faction every time these struggles have taken place — even when it seems at first glance that they were the clear losers. One of the best examples of this is the Tea Party movement, which paved the way for the Trump presidency.

    Initially, it appeared as though the ascendancy of the Tea Party movement (regardless of how legitimate it may or may not have been as a genuine, organic movement) made it known that the time of the neocons at the reins had come to an end. The truth of the matter, however, was that they quickly demonstrated that not only were they still at the helm, but that they arguably held even more control than before.

    Critical positions in the Trump cabinet being filled by neoconservatives have given them control of the steering of the state, while also shielding them from a degree of pushback and criticism one would probably expect they would have encountered if not for the political fire magnet that is Trump being positioned as the face of the adminstration. While it's true that certain actions that have long been key neocon objectives — regime change in Iran and Syria, for instance — haven't taken place, I think it would be a mistake to interpret their absence as indicators of a lack of power on the part of the neoconservative faction.

    On the contrary, the absence of such events makes a lot more sense if viewed as being indicators of some of the latest developments in neocon ideology, which takes a somewhat more reserved, (comparatively) long game approach that often occurs with imperialist factions who hold a unified ideology and are confident that they have cemented political power. Basically a "Okay, cool. We can pace ourselves a little — we've got this shit locked down, so we don't have to be in as much of a hurry to meet our objectives."

    I'm very much of the opinion that, no matter who appears to be the winner in the outcome of this latest struggle, the neocons will still be the ones calling the shots. The truth of the matter is that no other faction is capable of securing and maintaining victory within the Republican party.

    Looking past the fact that the tiny number of those in government now and in the reasonably-expected future on the "populist right" hold zero power, the Libertarians are, frankly, ideologically ill-equipped to be capable of exercising power in the present day. Even if they somehow managed to win the party struggle, their attempts to exercise their new leverage would result in schizophrenic, contradictory, and ineffective/self-detrimental policy and behavior. The result of this being either their swift loss of power in the face of failure, or the Trump path of inviting in administrators who know how to exercise power — the neocons.

  5. I don’t know why you guys keep showing the republican elephant with upside down stars. You’re falling for the most basic mind control ever. I have no hope for republicans ever waking up. The democrats continually make them look stupid and slow.

  6. If Trump does lose. The one thing the current Republicans will never do. They will never be able to recover or re-establish integrity. They have towed this line for 3.5 years. It will take a full generation of true, transparent politics to begin to gain integrity. Democrats right on their tail. Another failed party.

  7. Libertarians….. extremists? If you want to say that some libertarians are no different than anarchist then yes I see that sometimes but most want less government control and less taxes.

  8. I usually really like you guys… But Fauci is a bill gates peon. You shouldnt stand up for him until he is honest about making coronaviruses in labs… He is guaranteed to join bill and melinda gates foundation and should not have a say in our world health simply because he has a vetted interest in the outcome and vax push. He is evil

  9. The federal government is insolvent. All this grandstanding and posturing is a charade to distract from the fact that the dollar is eroding quickly.

  10. I really think the Republican party need to be punished severely, it needs to lose the Senat, Presidency, & more seats from the house, maybe, just maybe we will go back the principles of Lincoln party, & fight shy of the Trumpism obscurantism when you party is the party of racism, ignorance, & anti-science you just hope to take it back to the 21st century

  11. Saagar is cool, but I can’t stand the Krystal lady. Always turn it off because she sounds like a ValleyGirl, and I would rather listen to nails on a chalk board.

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