Saagar Enjeti Calls Out GOP Leadership For Trying to Recreate Herbert Hoover loss

Saagar Enjeti Calls Out GOP Leadership For Trying to Recreate Herbert Hoover loss

Saagar Enjeti discusses where the GOP is headed as the party’s leadership butts heads over coronavirus spending, and argues that the GOP’s commitment to economic orthodoxy takes precedence over political gains.

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  1. Thank you you tube, that segment followed immediately by an ad for Goldman freaking Sachs talking about the massive amount of government stimulus. How targeted are the ads on social media? Targeted enough to use them as propagandist spin control.

  2. Yes! Calle them out. Keep calling them out. Let the voters know by name, who funds these politicians. What Souper pacs donate for M McConnell, Lindsey Graham and how are their voted influenced. Same for Democrats. Call them all out. We need their names.

  3. The whole conservative philosophy is to keep doing what you've been doing and never ever change, no matter how much proof comes up that you're on the wrong path.

  4. Saagar is the type of republican that I have mad respect for. He actually has values and sticks to them, even if I vehemently disagree with some as his views (because I’m a leftist). I really enjoy this show because these two offer criticisms to their own ‘sides’… something MSM and party shills will never understand the importance of! If you really care about something, you want to improve it, not let it rot.

  5. Saagar, you are out of line trying to put this on the GOP when everyone knows that all of this shit with HRC and the DEMs/LIBs. Yes, that is right it was your team that put this shit together… Do not be a liar you also know you could not handle Ben Shapiro he would wipe the floor with you man.

  6. I find it amusing that the GOP has ever concerned itself with debt. Do they not realize that Debt is Americas greatest product. It is the only thing that keeps the economy alive. I'm a huge fan of irony, because it is great at revealing hypocrisy. And ironically those that stigmatize government assistance are the ones who receive a greater amount of assistance. I would like to offer what can be called remedy. First one must grasp the concept of LEVERAGE! LEVERAGE can be said to be the one true SUPERPOWER!

    Everyone encounters various forms of LEVERAGE on a daily basis.The Power of LEVERAGE allows one to lift multiple times what they could if at neutral leverage. It does this not by increased strength but through a reduced resistance. Just as if you were to hold a position of Higher ground, you would need less energy to exert to overcome who holds lower ground. Essentially reduced resistance is what gives LEVERAGE its Power. Those in Power have known this and have used it to maintained that Power. This is done through division. Like the saying goes "Divide and Conquer" remember they are outnumbered and as long as we are distracted with petty differences and stupidity they will continue to hold Leverage over all of us.

    With that said, the United States has gone from a export heavy country to an import country. This means that it must fill the gap with spending. OK bare with me as I attempted to clarify this Economic situation. In 1971 the United States officially went off the Gold standard as a security to back the dollar. They only did that once they were able to secure an agreement with OPEC that all oil business would be done with U.S. Dollars known as Petrol Dollars. This became a poor substitute for the gold standard and created turmoil and loss in confidence in the dollar which would debase the currency and lead to inflation.

    How & Why is that important and relevant now? Answer: because this would lead to America's greatest product ever created, the product of DEBT. After dropping the gold standard a new catalyst emerges, the first charge cards with revolving credit starting with Bank of America's BankAmericard for its bank customers and would become VISA in 1976 which would give access to the general public. This gave rise to a competitive rival backed by Citibank the Everything Card which would become MasterCard. Credit became a product in of itself, the product it was selling was TIME. This is the same product banks were selling when providing loans & mortgages. This became the perfect product to fill the trade deficit. The important piece of this puzzle is Debt becomes a product. Possibly the greatest product the United States has ever produced. This product will render less dependency on the need to manufacture goods at home for export abroad.

    One must understand that United States DEBT product is tied to spending. It requires spending to create more product. This becomes vital since the U.S. had shifted to Fiat Currency model of exchange once they dropped the gold standard. There is a general misunderstanding between MONEY (Lawful) and CURRENCY (Legal). Money is classified as LAWFUL and holds intrinsic value first by it's material composition such as the gold used to create a Gold coin and the supply scarcity of that precious metal. A Gold or Silver backed form of exchange value is the most consistent holder of value. US Constitution states “no State shall make any Thing but Gold and Silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts,” Unfortunately, the United States had abandoned this form of value for exchange. And has adopted the Fiat CURRENCY system which is classified as LEGAL.

    The United States operates under a Fiat Currency system, which basically is a CREDIT (Debt) dependent good faith system where Reputation gives it value. It is not just Reputation that gives it Value? It is the United States GOOD CREDIT standing as well as the Supply of Currency in circulation. And possibly the greatest factor that provides value to this Fiat Currency is LEVERAGE! That LEVERAGE is provided to the Federal Reserve to be the sole authorized entity to issue Currency and or Credit for the UNITED STATES as Legal Tender for all Debits, Public & Private. This essentially makes this a MONOPOLY with immense Leverage and Power.

    The Federal Reserve is also well aware they are a pyramid scheme that requires currency to be in constant motion to hold the pyramid up. The gig would be up if that flow stops mainly do to the fact the value of the currency is based on Debt, the Supply in circulation and Good Faith. This faith based fiat currency scheme is really a Credit based system where the Debt is the Value. Instead of Debt being a liability it is turned into an Asset. This is done by bonding and securing actual value to the Debt instruments through reputation. Such as Faith in the Good Credit standing of the United States, This Good Credit Rating provides the Faith that gives value to receipts called Treasury Bonds. These Treasury Bonds & Bills are the value that is swapped out for IOU (I owe you) debt receipts called Federal Reserve Notes with Interest. These notes only hold value as a secured debt instrument, this debt is called a Dollar Bill which comes with a passenger called interest.

    This entire scheme of Debt being the instrument of value to be used as a medium of exchange is fundamentally and mathematically flawed due to the fact that it would require more notes to be created to cover the interest needed per dollar brought into existence. Therefore The Fed would need to constantly increase the supply to cover the interest. It then becomes vital to do whatever it takes to keep these notes circulating by distributing them into the public's hands. Otherwise that house of cards would crumble. Have you ever wondered why you use a Bill, a Dollar BILL to pay a BILL? That's not accidental it is because this is a system that creates a liability (Debt) and turns into an asset they call a bill

    But that's not worse part. The Federal Reserve is an established COERCIVE MONOPOLY leading to "monopoly inducement" which means you are left without any options but Federal Reserve Notes to be used as Legal Tender for All Debts, Public and Private. These Federal Reserve Notes are endorsed PRIVATE CREDIT with interest. Interest which the Federal Reserve controls as a means to regulate the money supply. Any time these notes are used in a transaction you are using PRIVATE CREDIT which means that ownership of Goods or Services really belong to the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    There is a little bit of good news which a Remedy can be taken. Since LAWFUL MONEY is out of circulation and rendered obsolete. All banks are tied into this Federal Reserve banking system. So banks that operate and are insured by the FDIC are where you can engage in REMEDY. Most banks and their employees are ignorant to Remedy regarding LAWFUL MONEY RECOURSE. A persistent and respectful approach to inform the bank of your request to apply remedy is your right to FORCE the bank to "DENOMINATE" whatever currency being used "AS" LAWFUL MONEY as stated in the original U.S. CONSTITUTION. This action redefines the notes into "PERSONAL" as opposed to "CORPORATE" or Privately Owned by the the FEDERAL RESERVE CORPORATION. You must establish your bank account as a "PRIVATE ACCOUNT" that all deposits to and transfers from accounts associated with your name must be "DENOMINATED" as "LAWFUL MONEY" otherwise those notes will remain property of the FEDERAL RESERVE CORPORATION.

    Remember remedy is an important concept if you are to stand a chance against those whom have accumulated wealth through Federal Reserve Notes and the Private Credit. Federal Reserve Notes are instruments of Debt, the more one has, the burden increases to have the currency returned back to the Fed with interest. This is returned through the process of income tax. If the tax is not paid the they have the right to confiscate their property since you used their private credit. Once Denominating the Federal Reserve Notes then it now becomes money, LAWFUL MONEY or Real Money not credit. So making a mortgage payment with at least one of these LAWFUL MONEY DOLLARS and the consideration of the home as collateral provides the ONLY REAL VALUE in that contract. The bank did not provide any actual value, no consideration, the credit funds only provided the TIME until you make your payments. An agreement between all banks part of the federal Reserve system must accept all checks issued. And be recorded as asset liabilities in their books. No money has changed hands, only bookkeeping entries of liability. See you are both the lender & borrower. The only value they have is the guarantee that the check will be accepted at the bank that CASHED THE CHECK. Your Signature on a Promissory Note bonded & Secured the Debt (credit) and gave it value.

    As it has been said: "Knowledge is Power" well it is more like "Knowledge is LEVERAGE and Leverage is POWER!" Leverage can swing in both directions and as mentioned above it works by creating less resistance and that is done through division. Like the saying goes "Divide and Conquer". Remember we outnumber them and as long as we are distracted with petty differences and stupidity they will continue to hold Leverage over all of us. As another saying goes: "You are only as strong as your weakest link". Here is where Irony come into play. The tool of Fear that they use is also the tool they Fear the most. The ones who Fear the most are the ones who have more to lose. Which makes them the weakest link. FEAR has driven them to build Walls with gated guards around their homes. Fear has been leveraged to keep us fighting and dividing. But greed has blinded them to believe they are safe. That is their weakness. The REMEDY my friends is Leverage through Unity and exploit their weakness of FEAR. IT'S TIME THEY FEAR US!

  7. Politicians are so scared of losing their donors, they can not even understand that if they do the right thing and vote the way their constituents want, they won't need the donors. People only vote someone out when they're not happy. Keep the people happy keep your seat.

  8. It's like people forget and really don't want to see it when you have Hate in Your Heart such as Trump and some GOP senators. It blinds you, it hampers your ability to think rationally and straight. It's easy for Donald Trump to destroy things but in his presidency it's very hard for him to build this nation. Since his presidency he's dismantle everything President Obama did except Obamacare, but what people I'm not looking at is what has he replaced it with nothing. The man is the destroyer in Chief

  9. The only thing Nancy Pelosi wants is to benefit herself and that is why she gave herself and congress a $4000 a month raise while the rest of America gets one payment of $1200, her raise is for a lifetime and everyone else gets about a 4th of what she gets just one time. They already make about $200,000 a year and more. Nancy Pelosi and the Squad are for themselves and there bank accounts, not yours, you voted them into office so stop crying when they screw you and the rest of America. Nancy Pelosi is the only person who has control over the Bills, Nancy writes the Bills. The Covid-19 did not affect there paychecks other than allow them to get a $4000 a month raise every month from now on.

  10. Republicans will be losing this November. Maybe the White House maybe the senate maybe both. Right now people don’t care about a lost economy that trump keeps bragging about. Trump makes Bush look like an amateur when it comes to train wrecks and the republicans in Congress will probably regret not standing up to the man who stole their party.

  11. Neo-Liberal policies have created this situation where both sides appear to be doubling-down on bad ideas and policy positions. When you have the wealthy donors calling all of the shots, this is exactly what you end up with. Capitalism doesn't play well in a democratic society because monied interests win out in every situation. It's why the median wage has steadily declined over the last 40 years while those at the very top have seen their profits increase dramatically. It hasn't mattered which party was in control as the overall result has been the same.

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