Saagar Enjeti: Biden's Disastrous TV Appearance Shows He's Unfit To Lead In A Crisis

Saagar Enjeti: Biden's Disastrous TV Appearance Shows He's Unfit To Lead In A Crisis

Saagar Enjeti talks about Joe Biden’s lackluster crisis ideas, most of which have already been implemented by Trump.

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  1. LOL Tjhen Harris will step in, 3 years of a President nobody wanted…she was shamed by Tulsi and dropped out and now the DNC decided she your girl LOL The corruption in the Dem and Rep parties is unbelievable.

  2. Well I could be called a nut case for calling biden a suitcase but I did mean a nutcase:)cos that's what he is..jus imagine if he got a second term lol and him with the nuclear codes lol..God save us all..I just hope the breeze is blowing the opposite direction of my country…

  3. Un standards on exit polls is if it's over plus 3% it's a rigged election are exit polls National averages have been over 10% to 15% they call it the adjusted Pole now so we're allowed to rig elections higher excuse me yeah higher standards than what the UN allows to be an actual election but we have free and fair elections in America

  4. You guys keep on thinking this s*** matters you guys keep on thinking this s*** is going to matter they know who they want to put into office and that's who they make get put into office we know the votes are rigged all you have to do is look at the exit polls they far exceed anything that you and has with accountability that we go start wars with and the fact that you don't record that or even turn around and say that on your show gives me some pause I love your show I love both of you guys but you got to look at how our election system is rigged and it was rigged and the fact that you don't say it wasn't rigged for freaking trump it was totally right for him every video I saw violated every law in election law that there is but because they got him out they close the Blind Eye

  5. So funny how you two turned into Biden blowers not too long after this. The only difference between you and the MSM is that they’re big enough to be bossed around by their political overlords rather than just riding the bigger fishes coat tails.

  6. Because his party stoked the election. Joe only held virtual ralleys because no one with sence would ahownup….still think Biden the criminal won fair and square? No he cheated and lies like has all his political career and that is a fact a well known fact.

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