Saagar Enjeti: Biden can't even speak, can failed Dems save him anyway?

Saagar Enjeti: Biden can't even speak, can failed Dems save him anyway?

Saagar Enjeti examines the odds of a brokered Democratic convention from the wave of Biden’s endorsements.

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  1. I've wondered if Biden's apparent inability to get the Declaration of Independence right was an actual mistake, a symptom of his failing memory, or if he realized that if he went on he'd be mentioning the existence of a "Creator"(God) who endowed people with rights, something that might not go over entirely well within the Democratic Party.

  2. Man I think the perfect opponent for donald trump was tulsi gabbard. I feel like that lady would have buried him in debate. She took on the harpies on the view and stood tall without being combative. I liked her.

  3. Biden is going to win. The best thing going forward is deciding where does Sanders fit into the game going forward. It's reality Sanders isn't going to win. The math isn't there. I believe if Sanders sat down he could compromise with Joe . And have some say in the future administration. I know Bernie wanted to be president but it isn't going to be. We can argue why and say good I'm voting for Jill again. Meanwhile Trump and McConnell are stacking the lower courts and will appoint 2 SC justices. What they should be doing rather than trying to replay the 2016 remix version of but she has Parkinson's. She has dementia. She is having mental cognitive issues. That's the same thing they're doing today. Instead use that energy explaining not voting for Biden would negatively impact young people for many decades ago every wish of any progressive policy is trashed for 50 years.

  4. After all these years of doing little for the people, Dems prove they can pull together to accomplish something when they really want to.

  5. Unity is what we keep hearing. Conflict manufactures pressure that gives working people the ability to chip away at those who are constantly standing on our necks. Unity is asking us not to question or want anything.

  6. The “news conference” today that Quid Pro Quo Joe tried to pull off was pathetic. He was staring at the prompter on the left? Then the right, then the left, then the right, reading his speech. It’s like he was watching a tennis match! Pathetic…

  7. so if you can't have your way and the candidate you wanted, you would rather people sit it out and not vote on election day, or those who voted last time for trump, to reconsider and vote for him again? does the purpose of "The Hill" to disunite and fracture the Democratic party to lose in November? you care more for change then getting back the white house, keeping the house under democratic control, and hopefully be winning back the Senate, then gradually allowing the changes to be enacted.

  8. Dude, seriously? You didn't see this coming and flipping in 48 hours? Look at the polls… as one Dem candidate drops another rises, and vice versa. Dems are not voting for someone they like, they are rushing from candidate to candidate as they go up and down in the polls cause they only care who can beat Trump. They don't care about policies or morality, or visions. It's orange man bad, vote blue no matter who. It's disgusting.

  9. Biden's teeth are going to literally fall out of his mouth in the first debate vs. Trump. He (Biden) will become unhinged. I'm predicting a 42+ state landslide. New York and California would vote for a stale piece of Wonder Bread so long as there is a (D) next to it. They don't care – they are programmed. Trump is going to get 330+ electoral votes in November.

  10. I used to wonder why everyone hates politicians. Just put for sale tags on their heads. Now Biden won MA, even though exit polls had him FIVE POINTS LOWER. I'm DISGUSTED. Biden will be prez and Warren will be VP, pulling the strings.

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