Saagar and Ryan BREAK DOWN: Glenn Greenwald vs Ilhan Omar

Saagar and Ryan BREAK DOWN: Glenn Greenwald vs Ilhan Omar

Saagar Enjeti and Ryan Grim weigh in on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s defense of the Logan Act.

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  1. Bolsonaro go look for Glenn he wants to meet. Everyone don't worry Glenn is safe just like AOC was right Glenn? Bolsonaro all talk just like Trump, right Glenn? Bolsonaro Go Talk To Glenn

  2. Richard Nixon did the same to prevent peace talks in Vietnam before he was elected. That should be a crime but this law is too broad.

  3. ok guys, where is Krystal? can't believe that BOTH of you actually deep yourselves in this muddy water. regardless of the contempt one has for brennan (i do, a lot) he speaks as a private citizen with opinion via twitter >> you actually equated that with flynn who was the incoming official & clearly overreached in his position then lied about it. yeah yeah, he might not "remember" is a great excuse and so is "everyone else does it before" (without ONE specific example). ok you're trading on greenwald's creds (still my hero, but he's been playing that moral relativity game with the likes of alex jones, tucker carson & joe rogan for a while now… and it's getting old – spare us, don't join in) >> not even glenn can continue that play anymore!

  4. Wtf? Grimm & Saagar do some research . You believe
    Flynn didn't remember 2 conversations with Kislyak? Come on Grimm. Flynn was doing his job? then why did he lie to FBI if he was only "doing his job." Why then plead guilty?
    THE AGENT you refer to was a mole to place doubt about Flynn's guilt. William Barnett the FBI agent who's 302 shows that an FBI Agent was retained on the investigation even after DOJ IG investigated Mueller team texts that — I’ve been told — should have shown he sent pro-Trump texts from his FBI phone (DOJ IG has declined to comment about this). It shows that he remained on the case even after claiming on at least three occasions to want off the case. He remained on, he explains, to prevent “group think” about Mike Flynn’s guilt (even though his own 302 professes to be unaware of several key pieces of evidence, and the 302 redacts at least one other piece of evidence he dismissed). And by remaining on the case, his testimony reveals but does not admit explicitly, he prevented the Mueller team from reaching a conclusion that might have supported a quid pro quo charge.

  5. Did he say Nixon interfered with the election by sending the message to Hanoi that he would make a better peace treaty with them then LBJ…That sound like what Reagan did in Iran…hold the hostages until after the election and I give you a better deal. Guns perhaps?

  6. Didnt Ronny Rayguns team contact the the I-raynians to delay the hostage release till after the election. If that is not a violation of the Logan Act? Does this act really exist?

  7. Ryan Grim is pure magic on camera! Riveting. BTW, Peurto Rico hates this, but the Logan Act also protects the U.S. Shipping industry, which is badly in need of protection. Without that act, U.S. flagged ships are pretty much over, which is strategically disadvantageous for a maritime nation.

  8. Michael Flynn never lied — it was the FBI who was trying to set him up because the "resistance" or what it really is better known as the DEEP STATE. Then the FBI which got illegal FISA warrants by lying started to threatened Flynn to put him in jail for decades for treason and also threatened to put his son in jail, Flynn got scared and took the plea bargain and he actually lied to take the plea (because in reality Flynn never did anything wrong) and then the news reports that Flynn lied —- Flynn only lied about lying because he never lied and he did it because FBI was threatening him and his family. IT IS ALL BULLSHIT.

  9. It is easy — when John Brennan supports something you know it has to be bad. Brennan is DEEP STATE —- the Logan Act is what the Obama Administration went after Michael Flynn for and it is complete bullshit. Michael Flynn was just introducing himself to Russian Diplomats ect. and Obama weaponized it.

  10. Leave it to Saggar to defend a criminal. He might of misremered?
    Flynn right now calling for Trump to declare martial law. A former Army General and ns advisor calling for martial law. What is there to defend about this guy?

  11. How about when John Kerry told the Iranian leader to wait until the President is impeached and the Democrat will reclaim control of The White House…thats a violation of The Logan Act!

  12. My only question about the Hill is whether or not Krystal will right herself, and quit the Hill, or will she continue to work at the Conservative Hill and make her money selling her soul to the highest bidder?

  13. She said the Logan act was clear and well defined. That was misinformed and incorrect. It's ambiguous and dangerous. She also said that it didn't apply to Brennan, but historical accounts show it does, and Glen's accusation of hypocrisy between how Flynn was treated and Brennan still stands. It was the point he was making.

  14. As someone who also isn't pumped about "the resistance", I find Glenn's obsession with them to be just cringe at this point. We get it, libs suck but you don't need to obsess with them and own them 24/7 to get your point across.

  15. Flynn took $600 from turkey and did not register as a foreign agent, also Trump fired Flynn for lying to Pence and Pence repeated the lie, and finally, Brenen is not part of the incoming administration, he a private citizen and can say what he wants, you clowns are the worst

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