Ryan Grim: Understanding The Establishment Feud With The 'Squad'

Ryan Grim: Understanding The Establishment Feud With The 'Squad'

The Intercept’s DC Bureau Chief, Ryan Grim, discusses the Trump Administration’s failures over the last four years. He also weighs in on what may have led to Trump’s loss.

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  1. ryan GRIM? really? he isn't honest…he is clearly on the take from corporate news media based on his dishonest take on many articles by him. truth matters. grim bats for the corptacracy. i don't care how many children he has to raise it's wrong.

  2. The Squad IS The Establishment.

    Any perceived “feud” is merely a distraction by propagandists in the media designed to obfuscate the fact that Dems and the GOP are a part of the same club of people who accept money from industries in exchange for legal immunity from the rape those industries conduct on our people and resources.

  3. Breaking news; Up next, 4 years of gridlocked government. Conservative media sycophants after singing the praises of Trump tax cuts that served the donor class well, will remember and start crying about the Debt we're creating for our children. Democrats will be forced to raise taxes, followed by our next president carefully chosen from whatever reality show is popular. Eat sugar you get cavities, live on junk food you get fat, only like politicians that agree you with and you get a lousy government. Get Informed, be pragmatic and base your decisions in reality.

  4. i like when Ryan Grim is on. seems more likely that all sides get fair criticism. establishment dems have been pretty ineffective but progressives have failed to build their powerbase. need more than a squad to be effective in the house

  5. I don't come here as often because I just can't stand to hear Saagar at all. There is just "that something" about hearing any Republican at this point that just turns my stomach!

  6. That data supports far left being the problem. Those in the farthest left districts supported Green New Deal, identity politics, defund police, etc. Those who tried to move right BECAUSE THEY ARE IN TOUGH DISTRICTS lost because of what the far left did.

    When I first watched this show, it seemed like these two were willing to reject traditional narratives to find the truth. Actually, they have their own view that gets repeated ad nauseum. Just as ideological as anything else.

  7. So wait, the government does not call a new election if there is not sufficiënt majority in the lower house in order to govern? Crazy. If our cabinet falls, we do not wait four years for a new parliamenary election. In England they call elections even more often. Then there is belgium, which held the world record for not having a government for 541 days in 2010-2011.

  8. The squad is for socialism & I don't want that ever for this country besides they can move to another country, like Greece or the islands, on what we are paying them & leave us to destruction. No thanks.

  9. Biden beat Bernie and Trump. The squad should sit down and accept the fact that America doesn't want socialism. Bidens best phrase during the campaign: I beat the socialist!

  10. Because Democrats are not Liberals. They're Centrists. What people claim is a "radical left" agenda is really just……regular Liberalism. REAL Liberalism. I wish they were Radical Left.

  11. Centrists see whats happening and are terrified. They know that the people don't want them anymore and keep loosing to us. So start the messaging now… never mind we are still in the middle of a fight

  12. So with such a narrow margin, Pelosi needs the expanded Squad now more than ever. This gives the Squad all kinds of power… "Oh, you want us to support this, Nacy? Sure, let's talk M4A now."

  13. yall commenters realizes both parties are horrible and self serving and the only way we will get true change is to create new parties work together and elect people who truly represent us. but yall like tribalism instead. Thousands of years from now humans will look at us now like barbarians who used emotion not logic and information to make decisions. smh born a couple thousand years 2 early

  14. Meanwhile none of the Squad are willing to support a House resolution that would affirm freedom of the press and drop charges against Julian Assange for publishing documentation of US war crimes including murdering journalists. So how progressive are they?

  15. I partly agree. The message is not the problem, the problem is the wording. One of the largest problems is the word socialist and socialism. To someone my age it has an almost opposite meaning than when Bernie and AOC use the term. People in my age group do not understand socialism and we were taught socialism, communism, and fascism are ideas that when it’s a political reality, it’s all secret police state controlled by one person. Nothing can be further from the truth, but people my age hear that and think that way. Most of the problems are the words used and how different groups understand those words.

  16. Every American has an opportunity to get into politics. ..but many here are just happy to be armchair critics and blame their tv, their news, and their weak voices be heard!

    You want change?? Get off your ass and get involved else quit bitching about your government that was picked for you!!

  17. Comparing the election results of a progressive democrat in a deep blue district with a democrat in a moderate district is not logical…of course the centrist democrats are losing more, they actually have to fight for their seat

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