Ryan Grim: Socialist Candidate Wins BIG In Bolivia

Ryan Grim: Socialist Candidate Wins BIG In Bolivia

D.C. Bureau Chief at The Intercept, and host of The Deconstructed Podcast, Ryan Grim, discusses the projected win for Luis Arce in Bolivia. He also explains how the socialist party became popular once again, despite it’s previous president being deposed.

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  1. I remember this "see, socialism works" narrative from liberals while pointing at Venezuela in the mid 00s. A decade later they're using their currency for tinder for fires to cook rat and dog meat.

  2. I was so invested in this channel bc I thought finally I found a source that speaks facts, until I came across this video about my country and how incredibly wrong you guys are. It’s not even your fault because you extract your info from diff sources and don’t actually live there but as reporters you have the responsibility to correctly inform people. This “Bolivian victory” and Coup narrative is the equivalent of South Americans saying Biden is a socialist (trust me alot of them actually think so). Lol as an American Bolivian I see both sides, evo morales has been caught with minors, one. (Me too movement?) second the so called murdered protestors were killed by their own, and some of them known Venezuelans. It’s amazing to see Americans put their two cents in ona. Country they know nothing about. We all wanted Evo to bring this diverse new fresh change to our country but as always, this crooked politician became a selfish money and power drunk who betrayed his own people and dived happily into the cocaine business along with Venezuela ( are we going to ignore the fact that Morales is bffs with Maduro? Ok) or that he wanted to govern after having been in power after 14 years? I could go on. But out of respect just don’t chime in on countries you know nothing about, bc you’re extremely misinformed. Ridiculous.

  3. Watch the 2013 bbc documentary rise of the continent's. This is the Saudis Arabia of lithium. Huge easily accessible lithium that could literally fuel the electric car boom. Big money and corporations looking to get control.

  4. Why don`t you say when the U.S. deep state caused the illegal coup in Bolivia. I wouldn`t be surprised if the Hill blames China or Russia for this. President Morales( the real President of Bolivia) went to the U.N. to speak the truth about the corruption and killing machine the U.S. is still today and what we have done to destroy people`s lives all around the world for a buck. I`m just waiting for the Hill to blame China or Russia while this is a common event for the U.S. warcrimes that RUSSIA NOR CHINA DO! There`s real proof what the U.S. does but no proof on the lies that even our allies are realizing that China or Russia do. The U.S. has killed 20 million people around the world in the last 20 years and all for a BUCK!

  5. You guys remember Bernie Sanders, yeah he WISHES he was Morales. The Socialism that has benefitted Bolivia is a stark reminder to all Americans. There is a better way. Neither Trump nor Biden offer any of that.

  6. The DNC will support oas and try to get at lithium. Most politicians in usa are bought except for the ones who are funded by small donations like Bernie. The us citizens aren't smart enough to demand to stop corporate and other rich people be limited or even eliminated from buying politicians.

  7. Wrong again Ryan! El Alto does not represent the rest of the country! Why don’t you talk about how the majority of the country peacefully protested for 21 days and voted NO to the re election of any individual to indefinite possession of power! The police and the military support the people, not a bunch a cronies and crooks

  8. The previous election was openly rigged Shameless Evo knew it and when found out cowardly fled the country People now voted for the political party MÁS NOT for Evo who is a fraudulent leader who wanted to perpetuate himself in power Your analysis is incorrect

  9. See any similarities to them stealing an election n what Trump n Fox news is doing?
    Come November 3rd Trump will be ahead n screaming any other votes after midnight don't count!!
    We count ALL the cast ballots and if it takes l Longer 2 count than Nov 3rd…
    Otherwise we are a "Banana Republic"!🙄
    Trump will take it all the way to the Supreme Court n they just fixed that 6-3.
    2nd Term 4 Trump!
    Wat a Broke Joke Our country has Become!

  10. I was in Bolivia when morales was the president, people were afraid to even mention any disagreement, the police bill arrestn you, is just like
    Venezuela the rest is fake news.

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  12. Thank you for this interview, but I like to remind the audience Evo Morales is not the first indigenous leader in Latinoamerica. Mexico in 1858 elected BENITO JUAREZ who didn't even speak Spanish in his youth, who studied law and he became the president who defended Mexico against the European invasion and imposition of the "emperor" MAXIMILIAN an Austrian who eventually lost his life in front of a firing squad in Queretaro. I support Evo Morales as much as the current Mexican administration do, who offered him a flight out of the country and refuge in Mexico after the coup. Benito Juarez was so famous even in Europe that it is claimed Mussolini's name was given because of Juarez fame. At the time many Italians were given the name of Benito because of this.

  13. Que the ignorant tirades against socialism and authoritarianism against a democracy choosing a left leaning government. Corporate elites and their dupes hate democracy.

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