Ryan Grim: Massive UK Study Finds SHOCKING Vaccine Result

Ryan Grim: Massive UK Study Finds SHOCKING Vaccine Result

Ryan Grim makes the case for vaccinating against COVID-19.

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  1. I would ~90% agree with your analysis IF we understood the long term implications for these new vaccines. As it stands not enough time has elapsed to understand if there are long-term negative effects. AND you are ignoring the short term VAERS reported impacts as if that doesn't exist. It has to be part of this analysis when computing risk benefits. Ultimately life is a risk and there is no 100% sure strategy. Among those not impacted negatively by the vaccine, your analysis(UK) tracks. But those deaths from the vaccine are apparently not equal to death by COVID.

  2. I love the points you're making on your radar, however personally I'm not taking the jab for medical liability issues. I'm pretty sure if something happens to me the sate wouldn't be liable for my health. For that reason it's a no for me I'll keep getting tested

  3. A quick review of readily available stats totally annihilates the relevance of this study and Ryan's argument.
    The study runs from Jan 2 to July 2. Except very few people were dying from Covid in England from April 2 to July 2. The VAST majority of the deaths happened in January and February, which were the peak months for Covid in the UK. The percentage of UK citizens fully vaccinated by February 28? 1%
    That's right. 99% of all those living in the UK were unvaccinated during the time period that 99% of the deaths were occurring.
    So, OF COURSE, the vast majority of deaths were in the unvaccinated. Simple logic. It actually would have nothing to do with the vaccine. It would just be a matter of timing.

  4. Unvaccinated’s argument is that there are zero long term study on its effect on people. The standard duration in the research, creation, and study of a vaccine is 10-15 years.

  5. The virus is man made, on purpose and added substance was added vaccines have been made but not as safe because it was rushed through , it was with invested interest , When President O Barma was President he was informed it was dangerous to mankind and stoped funding , Yet Dr Faucet took money that was signed for world health and signed the contract knowing it was Dangerous Mr Bill Gates the richest person donates the larges amount of money to the World Health Organisation , he has also gained more wealth for the compulsory vaccination to the whole worlds enters now For reset the new world his wife is interested in , planned parenthood that the state will have more influence than parents , as also Dr Faucets Wife has an agenda in the new world look at her record , people don’t feel safe with the vaccine it has side effects that are not made public tragic, and people don’t trust it’s, and they want to do the same to little children God help the next generation , then the gender issues, even the Russian President I heard him say on TV they are born a girl or a boy no swapping gender nor should it be thought in schools As I say , nor politics or demonstration use children like the did in the U.K. last year, primary school like Climate Change Also there are other Experts around the world why the chosen few , because they are in it for power , tonight on Australia news they have banned the Christian faith , what are they frightened of , they have rights to pray and have faith, Something bad is happening in Australia , they are been Commonest run , watch how the police treat the people who don’t agree and want freedom to choose they kick drag and punch the people I watched them what has happened to Australia, No one is safe there anymore ,maybe it’s justice it belonged to the Aborigines people who were wiped out , like America if People like the Party’ who is in power , don’t respect all political parties, perhaps that is how the Indian population felt when it was taken from them, one wonders take away the spirit and the soul and pride of the people you have lost them President Bidden and your party , I have a saying , we are spiritual and physical beings , both need looking after with dignity , Cancel out the spiritual you have lost them people need both , the soul goes back to God and the body dies we meet our God in heaven if one lives a peaceful live to love and help each other and have faith, this goes to all leaders around the world , thank you , may we have peace and be fruitful , Anne Marie ,

  6. So I guess my problem is that if the mandate was simply, "Get vaccinated or get tested every week", why are people leaving and being fired all over the country? Is it truly because they decided not to get tested?

  7. it is less about "protecting" others than you say, because the waning efficacy for infection is dramatic and starts at 2,5 months after jab and descent to 3% after 5 months for Johnson. and since it lessens symptoms you feel like going out and mingling more than someone with a sore throat. and clearly it messes with your brain because is makes you feel like you can put blame and shame on people. also people who have been in the trenches since day one and have never blamed and shamed.
    ICU nurse, the Netherlands

  8. Bad comparison 😀
    You didn't decide to go get sick, if you catch COVID-19.
    Something or Someone put that virus out in the Air… Think about that!🤔
    If they want you to get vaccinated, theyu must provide 💯 assurance that that vaccine is Safe.
    I'll wait for the "Old School" vaccine, thank you!

  9. Vaccinated people are dangerous because they are "super spreaders." They should be made to stay out of public places and off of public transport. They should wear a badge to let people know that they are vaccinated and therefore dangerous to be near to. The unvaccinated and those with aquired immunity, are the safest people to be around. This means there is absolutely no reason to keep talking about Covid passports. Uness it's to keep vaccinated people out of public areas where they can spread disease.

  10. These vaccines are experimental and dangerous! Fauci pd the Wuhan lab to add protein spikes to the Sars virus ball making it more virulant! It was not problematic previously.only flu like aymptoms. These cytotoxic spikes zre in the vaccines as well. They cause blood clots strokes. And other cardiovascular priblems! Gastrointestinal and eye problems, infettility in women ovarian cancer.All vaccines. Are on the srock market. Hence the new variants. now they want to vaccinate children as young as 2yrs old. Bill Gates is involved as well! Fauci owns the patents of the Moderna vaxx.

  11. The problem is that the whole of the public health sector cannot be trusted, led by the 'noble?' liar who was instrumental in developing monster viruses and was the key player in the whole AZT debaucle that killed countless people in the 80s. People don't take the vaccine because they know the CDC is lying about the frequency and severity of side effects and they KNOW that no one can know the long term effects because it is experimental. They know that the FDA can't be trusted to protect our health, as evidenced by the approval to move the vaccine from EUA to approved using March data – three months after EUA rollout. And now with the FDA advisory committee buffoon who says, after the 17-0-1 vote to allow the shot for our children, 'well we will just have to get started and see what happens, that's just the way it is'; i.e. lets use the kids as lab rats!!
    It is their vaccine-or-nothing scenario that is doing the most harm, had we flooded the zone with any and all treatment options that could possibly work but have virtually no negative effects, the number of deaths in the US would be hundreds of thousands less. The agrument that scientific trials are needed is specious, drugs are used off-lable all the time without trials, it was always the informed decision of the patient and the doctor. The emperical data from around the world for some of the options are overwhelming. Beyond that, the NIH has $Billions and thousands of employees, they could have funded all the trials that they deemed neceessary, but the majority of them haven't been to work since the first shutdown. The CDC will not even issue guideance to aspirate the needle before injection to confirm that the shot is not going in the bloodstream, so our young people are disporportionally suffering from myocarditus and related conditions.
    Finally, there is no follow-up by the CDC with people who have had the disease, so where do they get the data about viral load to compare those who have been vaccinated with those who haven't? They and the NIH cavalierly dismiss natural immunity from having had the virus in order to support their vaccine-or-nothing agenda. Dr. Birx noted in one unguarded moment that she couldn't trust the info coming from her own CDC.
    So stop framing this as a problem with the ignorant unvaccinated. I am fully vaccinated, had life altering side effects for 7 months, but i'm in a high risk group for COVID 19, so my choice was based my personal risk analysis. However, I understand and support those who choose otherwise.

  12. The covid19 vaccine could be SO incredibly effective… but that does not justify the forced vaccination/mandate roll out as that is simply just ONE SINGLE EASY WAY to improve your overall health and immune system. One may actually receive far more benefits across a multitude of different viruses/diseases/health conditions simply by improving their immune system through other means i.e dietary changes, more exercise etc. This would create a FAR GREATER net health benefit.

  13. I really wanted to try to buy into what this guy was saying and I tried really hard… I listened and tried to consider that I could be spreading it then I remembered the virus is endemic. Let's learn to live with it and live with people's choices of whether or not they want to get a vaccine like we did with the flu shot and all other types of vaccines. Am I missing something?

  14. What a good reason Kim. Ryan is unvaccinated now or soon poor you. . Let the people have the right too to use monoclonal and drugs as another option for people. Ryan looks so confident about the number in UK study.

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