#RisingQs: If Asked, Would Krystal Ball Be Joe Biden's Running Mate?

#RisingQs: If Asked, Would Krystal Ball Be Joe Biden's Running Mate?

This week on #RisingQs Krystal Ball answers Rising fans’ questions about Cori Bush and progressive wins, why there isn’t more talk about improving the mail-in voting systems, and would Krystal be Joe Biden’s running mate.

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  1. Krystal Ball is an absolute idiot. Everything she has predicted has been wrong. She keeps saying progressives are the ones who will win despite Bernie Backed progressives failing to win a single seat from Republicans in the 2018 Midterms or the 2020 election. She also swore Biden would lose soundly to Trump despite Biden winning the race with 306 electoral votes and a popular vote lead of over 7 million… She is simply a talking head that is too stupid to offer a fact based opinion.

  2. Being the President of the United States is objectively the worst job in the world.

    Unless you’re the sort of person who has been preparing for it all your life (like say, Tulsi Gabbard), the answer should be a resounding NO!

  3. The Progressives are a target for the Boomer Dems. I am not thrilled at all with Biden. I am thrilled with Cori and the other Progressives win. The don’t really care about Biden or his VP as his pick with not be my own. I don’t endorse him; he has hurt the black community deeply. I will vote for him but I will certainly not endorse such a pathetic candidate. Biden is weak and senile. America will look weak and senile.

  4. Joe Biden blew it when he said he would definitely pick a woman as his V.P. running mate. THEN Blacks demanded that it be a black woman. Now if Gretchen Witmer impresses him, or Elizabeth Warren, too bad. This has gotten PATHETIC.

  5. Simply vote Joe and Krystal in and then on Day 1 evoke the 25th amendment…..

    No person in their right mind would believe Joe Biden is fit to run the country….. Of course Democrats would defend their own but the progressives wouldn't….

    Also, it would put Republicans in a bind in Congress. Vote to keep or remove Joe Biden….

    Keep Joe, and feel the wrath of your constituents like hell fire. Vote Joe out and get a strong Progressive President…..

    I would like to see this play out actually…..

  6. I really wish she would have used the first question to talk about Alex Morse, he has a real shot of upsetting Richie Neal. It would arguably be the biggest primary win for the left so far, why is no one is talking about it?

  7. I love how she puts all the corruption on the Democratic party, she's right, however the progressives will be even more corrupt, bc they need even more tax payer dollars to pay for all their policies. We need less government.

  8. Rather than a cop out, I think the last answer was good, and that's what I was thinking when seeing the title of the video. It's such an implausible hypothetical, hence the answer is kind of like the answer to "what's 1 divided by zero?"; does not compute, undefined. If he really did ask her to be his running mate, the only possible reason is to gain leftist support through a token gesture. But if he was going to do something like that, there's way more prominent and likely candidates than Krystal. To answer the more general question of whether a leftist should accept a VP nod, I would say no. You'd have no influence, you'd be akin to his beard, and eventually your reputation would be ruined by being associated with his campaign.

  9. The key in the last question is the word "would" as in "this is a hypothetical scenario, not real, pure imagination".

    For example, say you're asked: "Would you kill baby Hitler?"
    We don't live in a Universe where time machine has been invented so the question should not be answered on the basis that you can literally go back in time and kill Hitler. That being said, you can choose not to answer claiming the question is ridiculous or pointless which I imagine is what Krystal was doing when she chose not to answer the Biden question.

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