#RisingQs: How Will the Potential Eviction Crisis Impact the 2020 Election?

#RisingQs: How Will the Potential Eviction Crisis Impact the 2020 Election?

This week on #RisingQs hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti answer Rising fans’ questions about what books have most influenced their political views, how the potential wave of evictions could impact the election, and who will replace Saagar when he goes on vacation.

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  1. Who on the show generates these questions? What a joke. Once again the media celebrities cannot seem to help themselves. I'm sure everyone believes this slick rehearsed segment. Krystal and saagar just spouting their personal opinions. This is now what constitutes news and news reporting.

  2. People are about to go homeless on the street with their kids and what's the most important thing for Krystal and that Ball?
    You guessed it…
    how's that going to affect the Donald's election hopes?
    Welcome to
    "Fox and Friends for the under 70s".


  4. Funny how there are supposedly so many who cant pay rent but the true crisis we currently have is a lack of available rental properties. The housing market is booming. In my city we are at an all time low for houses on the market, they cant build fast enough. New home developments are sold out with in a few months.

  5. I'm confused. Does populism mean the popular, liberal view of the people, the popular view of both moderate liberals and conservatives or candidates trying to be popular with narrow, divisive issues? I thought it was the latter, something to stay away from like nationalism. Thought it was progressives, moderates, populists now, not progressives, populists, centrists, right-wingers.

    Thought the right-wing, radical left and corporatists (centrists) were the populists and the moderates were normal liberals and conservatives, as in "moderate liberal" with progressives being Senators like Bernie and Warren.

    Oh! And is it just the far-left that is using identity politics or is it progressive liberals, too? I remember democratic centrists shunned liberals like AOC and identity politics, but has all that changed somehow? Gory, is AOC even using identity politics or has she been using progressive politics? So, so confused now trying to keep up. Could use some help placing things back into their categories again.

    Shite. Guess that's three things: who are populists, who's using identity politics and is AOC a lefty or a progressive, like I thought? Help!

  6. I disagree with 'Debbie Downer' Krystal: I can't imagine 40 million jobless/evicted Americans going with Biden and the Democrats out if spite, especially since their platform includes opening the border to caravans and accepting all the world's refugees. If they vote for Biden they'll never work again. They'll be competing with 3rd world labor for jobs, housing, healthcare, and education. And if Biden wins, they get what they deserve. 😊

  7. The lockdown is possibly one of the largest, self-created, economic disasters the developed world has ever seen. This is not unique to the US and is a bigger issue in many other European countries. Once the fear of the virus drops to its actual health impact, rather than the predictions from the media, people will pivot towards those dealing with the economic Armageddon and will turn away from those who are not focusing on the economic impact. IN the end those who will suffer the most are the young.

  8. Populism is a policy which is popular and there is nothing wrong with that. What it normally describes is a popular policy which is not economically possible, or even physically possible. Thus universal health cover, without securing an adequate funding mechanism, is unsustainable and thus, while popular, is not viable. There are many examples of this.

  9. Agreed – this is the big crisis that is going to be creating the fear that drives this election.

    My guess is that Trump/Republicans will dither, while Biden rushes out a plan and gets Pelosi to start pushing it so it looks like the Republicans are resisting, even if they're just trying to catch up.

  10. Mr President, would you please make a plan for all americans in how we can get through this pandemic go back to work, in the safest way possible! If no underlying conditions or 55yrs and younger should work! And 55 and younger keep with no contact with 55yr up or young children. Something we can work with!

  11. Why does it seem that so many people are choosing to ignore ths fact that a majority of our local and state governments across the nation are the ones that have miserably failed us throughtout the protests/riots, and Covid19. Our Federal government is meant to provide asssistance to the States when requested, not the end all be all for all to be held responsible for everything thats happened. Are people that misinformed to believe our state and local leaders are just "window dressing" as mouthpieces?? President Trump and his administration are absolutely correct when casting blame onto the leaders of each state, while the Democrats and apparently a majority of our population are manipulatively/ignorantly casting all blame onto the President and the Fed government. And how many state officials publicly declined Federal help just to turn around and manipulate their residents to blame the President??

  12. The best knowledge of "Populism" comes from fullfilled self confident life experiences where each individual focuses on bettering themselves and what they can do to support their neighbors with some self sacrifice without greed, envy, and demand from them. Its not impossible, yet we as a society are still light years away from achieving it. Take the time to consider what creates divide amongst people everyday……. We'd realize its the lack of focus to improve ourselves and lack of personal self sacrifice for others while demanding it from them at the same time.

  13. I thought there was no evictions from what I have seen 37 Governors across this country said people cant get evicted this year because of the virus I know here where I live it is against the law to evict someone so are our Governors lying to us or is it the press…………

  14. At least by his words, Trump seems to understand what is happening at the lower socioeconomic strata. Unfortunately, much of the help has to come from Congress. The Democrats and Republicans both seem to have the 1 for the poor and 5 for the rich mentality. Regardless of where we stand politically, the best thing we can do for our respective parties is primary the connected, old guard out.

  15. The eviction crisis is precisely what the donor class wants. It will create millions of homeless families who will take any job for any pay, and not even ask about health insurance, retirement, or anything else. The donor class will buy up all the foreclosed houses at huge discounts, convert them to rentals, then rent them back to the newly homeless at a huge profit, all while banking the extra profits generated from paying 20% lower wages, and eliminating health, dental, optical insurance along with retirement benefits. Even more wealth concentrated with 0.01% of the population at the expense of the working class. Vast amounts of money will flow to politicians who allow the eviction crisis to happen, and zero will flow to any that don't, and the 99.99% will pay a steep price for it.

  16. Easy reading…. 1941, The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius. George Orwell. Perfectly describes the omission of real issues by America today. Blimps and highbrows (Fox, OANN and MSNBC, CNN). Brilliant take on how capitalists tolerate fascists for greed, and a social democracy is the way of the future…if only the richest would pay more taxes, because the poor cannot. Please check it out. My three favorite quotes…. “American millionaires, bandits constantly clinging to unjust privileges who fight their opposition with bribery and tear-gas bombs.” “By August 1939, British dealers were tumbling over one another to sell Germany tin, rubber, copper and shellac… it’s like selling a razor to someone to cut your throat.” ….and the opener…. “Right now, highly civilized human beings are flying overhead trying to kill me.”

  17. Masse unrest in the streets filled with Millions of newly Homeless People.. Sounds like Nancy Pelosi's cynical plans are progressing as planned.. The Virus Response coupled with Social & Economic upheaval works in Biden & the DNC's favor political as Trump's popularity suffers & he's ultimately blamed for it all, it is great for them politically.. They are punishing their Base in attempts to rally solidify their support against Trump.. A landslide victory for Democrats means massive death & war in America should it happen.. What are they really going to do with TENS OF MILLIONS of Homeless People??!!..

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