#RisingQs: Andrew Yang to CNN, Obama & Bloomberg, and more

#RisingQs: Andrew Yang to CNN, Obama & Bloomberg, and more

This week on #RisingQs hosts Krystal and Saagar answer Rising fans’ questions: whether President Obama should clarify whether or not he endorses Michael Bloomberg, their thoughts on Andrew Yang’s new role at C-N-N, and why climate change hasn’t been a bigger issue during the the 2020 Democratic Primary.

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  1. if youre a voter, and youre so easily influenced by Obama's endorsement…you need to re evaluate your engagement in politics, just because you liked someone, doesnt mean the person they endorse has the same morals and ideologies…

  2. In his short political career, so far Andrew Yang has made 2 grave mistakes:

    1. Suspended his campaign. He was way too quick on this decision, especially after only Iowa caucus. Apparently, he never heard of the saying "It's not over until the fat lady sings".

    2. His decision to go on CNN. That is a step backward, especially when CNN and other news media are so corrupted and biased beyond the public trust. His appearance would give the impression of their legitimacy with their political pundits' views. Also, this is the very media organization that has biased against his campaign with coverage blackouts and ignoring him in every step of the campaign… why lend them a hand? I would have no problem if he joined PBS NewsHour or PBS Frontline, or any other news/political programs with independence and unbiased.

  3. It says a lot about a world where it doesn’t allow their smartest and correct candidates to win. Yang was entirely the only one with actual solutions and functions of how just not the USA but the world operated. It’s robustly deprecating of how there are people in this world who would rather vote for what they feel comfortable with instead of what’s actually right dictated by logic and facts. Republicans are usually fighting each other on who possesses the largest ego while most democrats are just high schoolers left with the substitute. Conservatives basically view the world as a hostile place and hold more on to traditional values rather than accept change for what it is. Some liberals are just too emotional about the world today and sometimes forget that there has to be a balance. Yang was the only balance candidate that seemed to be the valedictorian of not just politics but humanity itself. Just let that sink in. We rather elect a candidate not who’s smart but rather does what the people want him to without understanding one notion about the world at first. That’s gruesomely infuriating. God.

  4. If Obama does not clarify his view of Bloomberg as a Dem candidate, then he is endorsing him, de facto. Perhaps Obama hopes Bloomberg's presence will weaken one or more of the candidates before he sides with any particular one.

  5. ABOUT YANG: To remind you, Krystal’s words when AOC endorsed Bernie few months ago after his heart-attack: "True leadership isn’t picking the winning side just before the election, the way that Warren did when she decided to endorse Hillary Clinton in June 2016. True leadership doesn’t look like picking the person who happens to have the identity most similar to yours. True leadership looks like wandering in the desert of democratic socialism, the way that Sanders did for a decade, when the Democratic Leadership Council and corporatists turned the Democrats into the “party of Davos.” True leadership looks like backing Sanders when he’s third in the polls”.

    And to paraphrase the last sentence, Yang could show true leadership to his followers by backing Sanders when he’s getting attacked literally from everyone at this point. When a billionaire is trying to buy an election and when 5 from the 6 candidates on last debate’s stage are willing to ignore the will of the people and steal the nomination. Instead he chose to CASH IN at CNN $$$, because after his calculations, he saw that this was the right move for his own, personal brand. I just wish/hope his endorsement will come sooner than later. Not when Bernie will (if ever) secure the nomination. I admire Marianne Williamson for that and to give her enormous credit let’s remind you that she backed Yang when she dropped out. As a sign of solidarity to him, a fellow outsider in the race. But deep inside I knew she was with Bernie and I’m happy to see her jumping on the train early!

  6. We have hope that the Hill will do Right for our society, humanity and Andrew Yang. The next step is for the Hill to dump on Bernie's Medicare for All as a Trojan horse because AOC said the best thing M4A will do is get a public option like what Andrew Yang says. Saagar also need to understand that your data as a personal property is the best for Americans to gain some of the profit when out information is bought and sold.
    We have hope that the Hill will have some integrity and remove themselves from being a Bernie Sanders agenda propaganda network…

  7. Andrew Yang mentioned Ranked Choice Voting on CNN and NO ONE on the panel knew WTF it was. Anderson Cooper said, “…You mean…voting?” 😅 Look it up. They are in a bubble.

  8. Red Carpet Roll out for President Trump and First Lady,India People Love Trump. $3Billion in Weapons sales alone India will purchase. This station refuses to talk Trumps Success.
    90% News Media owned by 6 Corporations.

  9. Stop gushing over Yang. CNN doesn't hire Andrew Yang to give innovative and interesting opinions/ideas. They hire Yang to twist up more CNN propaganda. If Yang has any legitimacy why lend it to CNN? This is a grifter pivot, otherwise he would have hosted his own podcast or joined a legit progressive outlet…but he didn't.

  10. Yeah Obama you got it you ought to endorse big money because that's all you stand for anyway you're a disgrace hate even call you a president it's a good thing you're not

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