Republicans Vote to Not Change Platform for 2020 Election

Republicans Vote to Not Change Platform for 2020 Election

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  1. Republicans don't even have a platform in 2020. Trump has been asked over and over again what he wants to do in a second term and he can't answer the question. On Fox News he was asked what he would do differently in a second term and said, "I would strengthen what we've done and I would do new things." That was actually more informative than usual.

  2. What's the point in a platform when your intent on cheating and they don't have any ideas that don't involve tax cuts, voter suppression court stacking to enable minority rule

  3. Trump and his administration seem dead set on running the exact same way. Divide and conquer.. Was their way during 2016, the last 4 years, and will be their re-election strategy. But it's ignorant at best. Guess who is starting to have cold feet about this and is starting to pay attention the the Black Lives Matter movement? Republican Senators and Congressman. They are completely selfish and the best thing they do? Self-preservation.. They will float whichever way the wind blows if it means they can stay in their Seat. If they work with BLM or start to cave on some demands they think it will be enough to stay in power. Some leaders in the Republican party are starting to think this way. It could affect the republican platform for the fall, we shall see.. Although these same republicans didn't stand up to Trump before he took over their party and the last 4 years, so I don't hold out much hope.

  4. Exact quote from the 2016 Republican Party Platform:"The current Administration has exceeded its constitutional authority, brazenly and flagrantly violated the separation of powers, sought to divide America into groups and turn citizen against citizen. The President has refused to defend or enforce laws he does not like, used executive orders to enact national policies in areas constitutionally reserved solely to Congress, made unconstitutional "recess" appointments to Senate-confirmed positions, directed regulatory agencies to overstep their statutory authority, and failed to consult Congress regarding military action overseas. He has changed what John Adams called "a government of laws and not of men" into just the opposite."
    In 2020 I couldn't agree more. Well done, GOP. Brilliant move. Genius, sheer genius.

  5. This is a bit yikes the economy is in the gutter race issues are perceived as a significant problem now. If Republicans want to keep the same platform that's fine by me but you're not gonna win are you.

  6. If the Republicans have they're convention physical (which they probably will, since they don't care) and the Democrats make their convention virtual. It'll be a serious problem because the Republicans will get WAY MORE media attention.

  7. If Trump wins (which he still can) then a Democrat will undoubtedly win two terms in 2024, and 2028 (probably Elizabeth Warren, Pete Budegieg, or Bernie, or Biden).

  8. 1:49 white people will not become in the minority in the coming decades, they will become a plurality. White people will only be a minority if you consider all non-whites as a single demographic.

  9. That nothing changed tells me that he didn't do anything of strong purpose. If you come back with the same promises and goals after 4 years you clearly didn't do much of significance. That screams ineffective and weak.

  10. That doesn't matter if they change it or not (same with Dems). No one reads the platform. People go by gut and/or the exact words a candidate uses. There isn't really significant study and reason put into a vote by going over policy issues for a lot of regular people.

  11. Perhaps the GOP realise that they need to save the Party and are deliberately hoping that a loss will wrest control from Donald "Mein Kampf" Trumpovich and they can rebuild from the ashes … 🧐

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