Republican Legislators Don’t Even Pretend to Serve Wisconsin Anymore – Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The Republican-controlled Wisconsin State Capitol no longer even pretends to represent the interests of its citizens.

Irrefutable evidence is that Republicans held a special meeting last week for a few seconds, refusing to increase access to low-cost health care for tens of thousands of families recovering from the devastating public health crisis. Refused the $ 1.6 billion federal funding needed to rebuild. The collapsed Wisconsin economy.

“Basically, a billion-dollar lottery was handed to Wisconsin,” said Gordon Hintz, a minority leader in the Democratic House of Representatives. “The only acceptable answer is to expand and cash BadgerCare and invest in economic recovery.”

The most shocking thing about Republican irresponsible behavior was that there was no public shock. Of course, Republican lawmakers, under Democratic Governor Tony Evers, improve medical care and restore the economy. I objected to doing something for. According to Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell, state Republicans are determined to prevent everything from succeeding, just as Evers was elected nationwide. But what if it hurt their own members?

Republicans Say No to Jobs, Health?

Evers may be concerned that Republicans may be concerned about creating jobs and funding more than 50 projects specifically aimed at saving lives in the small towns and provinces represented by Republicans. I thought stupidly. $ 200 million for local broadband, $ 100 million for repairing local roads and bridges, and $ 100 million for replacing lead pipes that pollute drinking water.

“After a year of working to prevent us from responding to COVID-19, Republicans invested $ 1 billion in the state’s economy to support our district’s community, rather than ours. It’s amazing that we want to keep politics going for economic recovery, “Evers said.

This is also the result of the Republican corrupt gerrymandering, which has prevented incumbents from being dismissed because they ignored the interests of voters throughout the state. Scott after the 2010 census. Gerrymandering and Republicans packed Democratic voters into as few voting districts as possible, distributing the rest to so many districts and becoming a permanent minority. The results are 2018 and 2020. So even if the Democratic Party wins state-wide elections and the legislators get the most votes, the Republicans win the majority of both legislatures, including an astonishing two-thirds parliamentary majority. ..

Infringement of democracy

Election results that do not reflect the intentions of Wisconsin voters clearly violate the basic principles of democracy. As you may not have heard, the Republican Party is now an anti-democratic party. This has been the case in Wisconsin for the past decade. Donald Trump was the defeated Republican president and was initially elected with the support of Russia.

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During Trump’s first term, McConnell rushed to approve more than 230 right-wing federal judges, including three new Supreme Court judges, in the Republican Senate. Judge Anthony Kennedy, appointed by Ronald Reagan, said: He was the last Republican nominated judge concerned about the corrupt Partizan that would destroy democracy. After Kennedy retired in 2018, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, along with Trump’s nominated Neil Gorsuch and other Republican nominated judges, bans federal courts from interfering with partisan gerrymandering. He made a 5-4 decision written by Chief Justice Roberts.

However, federal courts need to resolve the district restructuring conflict based on the new 2020 census between Evers and Republicans, which seems inevitable. The premise was ordered by the court. The constituency reorganization is to represent the state’s voters more equitably than those attempted by the corrupt, non-representative state council.

Toxic incompetence

Republicans rely on dishonest gerrymandering and voter oppression, as they are no longer the majority party in democracy that can fairly win many legitimate elections. Trump’s hatred-filled racist offensive campaign surprised experts by electing him in 2016, but his toxic and incompetent four-year presidency has led to many decent Americans. Was kicked out of the Republican Party.

Democrats dealt with harmful racism within the party half a century ago. President Lyndon Johnson, an unlikely hero, was a former Texas Senate led by a southern racist politician. Congressmen recognized the opportunity to make history by incorporating civil and voting rights in the 1960s. He predicted that the Democratic Party might lose a generation in the South as a result. It actually took more than twice as long for the Democrats to win both seats in the Georgia Senate in January this year in a special election to rule the Senate.

Democrats of Texas left Congress this weekend to prevent Republicans from passing one of the worst voter restraint bills in the United States to help overturn election results, and again the civil rights hero The Republicans haven’t noticed it yet, but the Democrats have shown their favor.

If Republicans begin to quickly eliminate the dangerous racists Trump has drawn to their party, many of them are willing to use violence to overturn the Democratic-winning elections. ..

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