Rachel Maddow vs Bill O'Rielly | 2020 Election Prediction

Rachel Maddow vs Bill O'Rielly | 2020 Election Prediction

Could Rachel Maddow overcome Bill O’Rielly in a Presidential Election?

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  1. You do realize Bill ORielly is more known that Rachel is. He’s also more rich than she is. Also if Bill ORielly and her were to debate eachother. He would crush her. He’s smarter, more savvy and he more on his feet than her. But hey. These are just meaningless predictions.

  2. Flip IN,NC,OH,and IA. Do you really think that a biased TV host who people will perceive as more of a joke candidate flip Trump margins in any of these states?

  3. Overall though. Your point was taken. I think this scenario would allocate to a similar but not exact prediction you gave.

    -2012 Republican Primaries if Donald Trump ran.

    -2024 Pence vs Schumer
    (2024 Election in my prediction)

  4. Yeah she would win easily against Bill O'Riley. They are both to far left and right in their beliefs but Maddow would seem like an angel compared to Riley's comments and sexual misconduct.

  5. I don’t think Maddow would win . She called Trump crazy almost every day on her showand that would turn away trump voters. And she acts so stupid.
    (I can’t remember all the other stupid things she said)
    and if she lost something like the popular vote she’d have a meltdown.

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