Professor Richard Wolff: The coming economic crash will be like NOTHING in history

Professor Richard Wolff: The coming economic crash will be like NOTHING in history

Professor of Economics Richard Wolff explains the dire direction our economy is headed towards as unemployment continues to skyrocket.

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  1. Your show has morphed more as main stream media. Using this hack economics professor to speak about our economy shows your BS.
    Richard Wolf preaches the benefits of socialism and only talk trash about capitalism. You should tell your audience we are having famed economist and socialist propagandist to speak on capitalism.

  2. Germany paid the employers to keep their workers. The US only paid unemployment benefits directly to the workers. How are the small businesses supposed to retain employees without revenue?

  3. It was not bad economic policy that took down Trump. It was COVID and the deep state that supports the Global New World Order (mostly Democrats) with no court (not even the Supreme Court because of Bush appointed John Roberts) was willing to hear witnesses that were willing to testify under oath as to the election fraud they saw. It’s called a coup. What happened at the Capital was a riot not a coup. What happened in our streets over the summer were riots with innocent business owners experiencing vandalism, looting or having their businesses burned to the ground. When that happened the Democrats said they were exercising their constitutional rights. When it happened at the Capital the Democrats called it an act of insurrection. Hypocrites.

  4. In my opinion If the economy goes down the toilet you can put the blame on Biden not Trump. Biden/Harris economic, immigration, trade, stimulus, endless wars, redistribution of wealth, climate change etc will explode our deficit and cause a depression. The best advice I can give is get out of debt. Pay off mortgages. Get prepared. Youtube has excellent videos on preparing for an economic crash.

  5. Trust biden on all issues? Are you kidding me? Biden can't find his way off the state. You all voted for Bernie Sanders and his ilk. That' is who they made a deal with. That is why you see adoption of the GND. Inherited? is that another joke? Trumps economy was best in history until Covid, which was planned an executed by the Chinese as part of the much needed trade war. People have no idea. They're still playing around in the kiddie corner, talking about covid like it was a natural accident. China even threatened us first!

  6. We blew our wad in 2009 to save our financial system. The gov backstopped it to prevent it from annihilating the world economy. In short the american people are getting shafted to save the world. Like it dislike it does not matter it is what it is. Get used to a new normal…hopefully the new biz tycoons dont bring back the good ole days of the late 1800s…Im not optimistic.

  7. Great video but the headline is a hyperbole. Sure, this is close to the Great Depression but its not like "nothing in history" If that were true, it would just be mainly working class jobs lost jobs in all sectors would be lost like in the Depression when people from a wide variety of classes became poor. Also we dont know if there were worse depression in ancient and medieval time since we have less records for those times. I really don't like the Hills clickbaity headlines

  8. Look at the poor economy I took a wise decision on investing in forex/binary options trading and guess what???!I made huge profits using his signals @Dennis__forex09 on instagram help me 🤗

  9. I'm always amazed that working people believe their personal circumstances are tied to the stock market. Can you pay your mortgage, rent, other debts off, put food onto the table without wondering how well the stock market is doing is the question you should be focused on. Now VOTE like your own life depends on it because you are a fool if you think the economic, political, and socially elite are concerned with your circumstances. Stop electing callous cons.

  10. There is a similar 'event' in history – the collapse of the Bronze Age. Trade routes and systems disintegrated (likely due to a combination of factors, e.g., natural disasters and diminished resources), and masses of people (called "Sea-Peoples") migrated here-and-there, physically fighting for resources, and essentially dismantling most empires' administrative structures. What followed is called "the Dark Ages" because there was no advancement of culture (no art or invention), and very little writing (referred to as "severe illiteracy"). This lasted for a few hundred years – longer in some areas. Oh yeah, "every man for himself," unless we can USE OUR THINKING-MINDS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO AND THEN DO IT.

  11. The fact we shut down countries for the FLU is amazing to me .
    You either wron the genetic lottery and can fight off the virus . Get i er go back to work.
    The unions have ruined America. When they were out innovate they were amazibg,amazing, like everything elses it was taking advantage and now we have people getting 25.00 an hour to put in a light bulb.
    As far as Germany goes how many have you ever been thwor I have been it was recently they are taxes ro death mist peopke german children live at home untill the 29s because of money they do t have cars because they can not afford them not because they don't want them. Most people in Germany aew poor they relay on government alkt of people may not know that in Vermany the United States employees alot of germans .for military working the exchanges and outher type settings

  12. It's hard to disagree with what Professor Wolff is saying. The only point I would add is that nobody can really predict what is going to happen to the U.S. economy over any length of time. A few people may have decent insight into what will happen over the short run. But let's face it; we're all in the dark. Black swans are everywhere.

  13. The fall will be sudden but not unexpected. Still the elite will just party on the top of working class bodies who just earn scraps and defend the rights of the elites to trample them meanwhile the ordinary folks will be fighting each other over ideologies that they have no true grasp of.

  14. Reagonomics and it’s complete support of the corporate world and destruction of the Middleclass is the reason for this steep economic decline. Americans will have to do a General Strike and demand Medicare4All, a 25% reduction in the military, work projects in every state for employing the legions of UNEMPLOYED.

  15. Divide and conquer tactics why do you think the media race baits so much distraction from whats really going on. Its clear their going in full force to fully monopolise and control global society

  16. trump is a rank CAPITALIST tool parading as a populist. wt eats his cake. wt eats cake with right hand.

    USA is a capitalist elitist racist sexist culture. Rich white guys, regardless of sexual orientation, will thrive.

  17. heres whats gonna happen
    1) the fed will continue to print trillions of dollars to stimulate the economy which will raise inflation and the dollar will collapse. a load of bread will be $25
    2) a debt jubilee will be instated so the 25 trillion of debt the usa has wont have to be paid because the dollar will have no value anyway
    3) a new electronic dollar will be instated based on blockchain technology
    4) universal basic income will be instated
    5) mandatory vaccinations will be required to receive UBI

  18. i know this,if you are broke destitute and out in the weather don't do what people did in 1929-41 get out of northern states,you will freeze to death,this year is going to be sob, its 8-19-2020 in missouri and its 58 degrees outside its going to be an early winter,without a roof over your head and a firestove,you'll freeze,and the topic he's saying is fact,the economy was toast before the sickeness,its based on printed money,gulf states are warm,fish the gulf==========can't find a van or boxtruck in missouri and kansas as of now,people are living in them,smart,covered wagons

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