Presidential Election Prediction! (Post-RBG's passing and 40 DAYS AWAY)

Presidential Election Prediction! (Post-RBG's passing and 40 DAYS AWAY)

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Purpose of the channel:
I am a political science major who spends all my free time learning about contemporary US politics. I have a distinct interest in the study of US elections and campaigns which is the focus of my channel. My most common videos consist of me filling out a Presidential electoral map with different color classifications for each state that represent how competitive I think each state will be. Still, I do many other videos that cover the US Senate elections, US House elections, Vice Presidential selection, how each candidate’s campaign strategy, hypothetical Presidential matchups in the future and in the past, analysis of primary and general election.
Common Q and A:
► What are my ratings for my electoral maps (lean, likely, etc.)?
Tilt: Less than 2%, Lean: 2-5%, Likely: 5-12%, Safe: 12%+
► Will I continue with my Youtube channel after the 2020 elections?
► What will I change your name to after the 2020 elections are over?
I will let my subscribers vote on this, but I am leaning toward “Ben’s Election Predictions” right now
► What are my personal political views?
I choose not to broadcast them to my audience for the purpose of this channel. I try to be as unbiased as possible because I believe that lends credibility to my channel.
► What website do I use for my electoral projections? or
► How often do I upload?
Usually once or twice a day
► When do I typically go live?
Usually once or twice a week towards the evening. I will announce when I do so though.
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  1. Biden is winning the whole thing. You Trumpers forget that he won PA and Mich. by a total of one point. We don't have strong third party candidates these year either. Polls have been fixed to accommodate those errors for 16.

  2. I think, that your prediction is pretty close to mine. However, i think, thet Arizona being a Republican statte, where the Republicans also have an upper hand with the voter registeration, will stay in Trump's side. The senate race might be a different case. Also Pennsylvania will probably end to Trump's hands. The Republicans have been able to increse their registerated voters by 200000 and the Democrats only by 30000 since 2016. The ground game of the Trump campaign has been totally superior. You don't see many Biden&Harris signs in Pennsylvania.

  3. Arizona isn't turning blue democrats haven't won more than 44% of the vote since Bill Clinton that includes 2016 the fact it was close in 2016 was because of McMuffin and Libertarian votes which will go to Trump putting it in the democrat column is non-logical especially when left wing biased polls show Trump ahead there is zero chance of Biden winning the state

  4. If you think Biden is winning Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, Arizona, even Minnesota you're delusional. New Hampshire and Arizona are for a fact leaning red. As for Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Minnesota they're toss up.

  5. From Russia (ex Soviet) in Asia Your most likely with end up hopefully like Alexei Navalny & Svetlana Tikhanovskaya & Mikhail Khordokovsky God 1st 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. From Andre The Russian in Asia Your a American leftist! Hopefully your Trump will declare his nation a CHRISTIAN JUDEO NATION & Mother Russia a Christian nations will become friends & allies & drive out the leftists to Antarctica God 1st 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. This map assumes successful voter suppression. Harris all you want she ensures higher turnout in Georgia and North Carolina among African Americans. At a minimum African American women. Trump only wins via court and invalidating results

  8. You're a child. Don't get me wrong, you're smart but you're instincts need exposure to life and you're biased. Good luck, I hope you keep with it and you'll come along.

  9. First, love the courage to do this with a little stutter. Doing great things. Second, never mind those angry haters. Hopefully, it goes for Biden and then with proper leadership we can recover from trumpskis damage. For all the angry republicans, see a thrapist ask for quaaludes.

  10. The SCOTUS opening will massively help Trump in Arizona. This state has not shifted far enough left for Biden to win. Even McSally is doing way better than everyone is saying.

    The enthusiasm for dems is terrible. The number of requested ballots is wayyyyy lower than expected. The experts predicted that 3-4 times more dems would request ballots than repubs. In reality, dems haven’t even requested double.

    Absentee ballot models show Trump is winning FL, NC, and PA (by 200k).

    I always thought this election would be close. Honestly, after this SCOTUS opening and the investigation results proving Biden’s corruption, I could potentially see Trump winning big now.

  11. That's the map I think it will be too. I don't think it's going to change all that much even… I think the vast majority knows what they're going to do.

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