President Trump slams Cory Booker: "How's Newark doing?"

President Trump slams Cory Booker: "How's Newark doing?"

President Trump slammed Cory Booker at his Des Moines, IA rally on Wednesday.

Booker eventually fired back on Twitter.

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  1. Stop believing these demon-crats!!!! They’re corrupt and AGAINST the American people!!! Joe biden and the democrats have all the media outlets and tech companies on their side..just imagine the stuff they’ll be hiding if they win! VOTE REPUBLICAN IN ALL CATEGORIES!!

  2. I'm from Jersey okay. I have lived here for all 17 years of my life. I caught some of the ACB hearings where democrats asked her things like have you ever committed sexual assault? What's your stance on the ACA or climate change? But then I got to the great senator from Jersey my home state Cory f**king Booker and wow. He really asked her with a straight face if she supports White Supremacy. I don't know if he's like blind or something but she has a multi-racial family and uh is catholic so Cory does that mean anyone who's white and catholic supports White Supremacy? Then the next words that came out of his mouth attacked Trump for not condemning it which is completely false. Then he asked her about transfers of power. His own party has wasted 2 million dollars on a fake Russia Probe, Ukraine impeachment that should have been on Cocaine Hunter and Slezzy Joe then they want to impeach him again for doing his constitutional duty. I know I'm just dreaming but I hope one day the republicans send someone to defeat Booker because he's an idiot like just damn.

  3. Does Cory Booker know about the Dems backing and assisting the Shadow Government looking to establish a world government? Maybe he is just naive? While he is looking at our President, he should spend more, or at least equal, time looking at the Clintons, Bidens and Obama. Very scary what they are helping put together and supporting.

  4. Yeah it's true, I 'm greatfull and thank You very much,
    My prescription is about 80 percent ,Thank you again
    President Trump 🍀 Vice Pence
    Amen , America is Great Again 👍

  5. Biden has been coughing lately… he will soon be like the mafioso who gets charged and rolls into court in a wheel chair with oxygen tank in tow showing he shouldn't be put in prison for "health" reasons

  6. I don't want low income housing units everywhere. I'd rather have better JOBS for the low income families so they can become self sufficient so there won't be a need for low income units.

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