Pew Releases NEW Political Typology Test, Ryan And Kim Take It ON AIR. Where Do You Fall?

Pew Releases NEW Political Typology Test, Ryan And Kim Take It ON AIR. Where Do You Fall?

Research associate at Pew Research Center, Andrew Daniller, breaks down Pew’s new political typography model.

Political Typology Quiz

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  1. I just took the quiz and I got Progressive Left. Yeah the questions could be a bit frustratingly vague at times but such is the nature of political quizzes, and I think this one was reasonably good as far as political quizzes go. As for the statement that "those [in the Progressive Left] who voted in the 2020 general election were nearly unanimous in their support for Joe Biden", I was dismayed but also glad that I helped make that "nearly" 😁

  2. 🐂 💩.
    This new chart assumes everyone is on a single axis left vs right, where the axis is shaped like a horseshoe.
    A proper axis should be a two line one. Left and right (Progressive vs Conservative as indicated), and a big vs small government. On the top left you have people like Pelosi, the top right Trump and Lindsey Graham. On the bottom left you have John Mackey or Penn Gillette, on the bottom left you have like Rand Paul, (his father maybe as well, bit Ron was fairly centrist/true core middle).

  3. My typology falls outside the animal farm pens. I believe in the false dilemma, false dichotomy, that its is two false choices.
    that the system is totally corrupt and sold out and that all of the congress critters are puppets.
    some are better actors and make you believe in them for awhile, til they get an offer they cannot refuse.

  4. Just another leftist poll disguised as some sort of innocuous research. The data will be used to craft more divisive narratives.

    Have you tried the Lincoln Project quiz yet?

  5. Sixteen questions with only two possible answers apiece, reflecting either a hardcore-Republican or an identitarian/corporatist-Democratic point of view. No shades of gray. No “How important is this issue to you” qualifiers. No questions at all on 1) the role of corporate power in government, 2) corruption, 3) taxation, 4) healthcare, 5) the environment, 6) labor rights, 7) police reform, etc. It’s designed to tell Washington insiders what they already believe.

  6. Hated this quiz. The answer choices were too vague, and it pushed me into a box that is absolutely not where I stand. I get that it has to be palatable and quick, but the lack of nuance really bothered me. Plus, there were no questions about class but several over race and gender identity. Sorry, I don't agree with Oprah when she says that a homeless white dude has more advantages in society than an everyday Black dude with a college education and a six-figure job.

  7. I think the idea is flawed fundamentally, as I hold strong support for views on "opposing" sides of this spectrum, and switch feelings of conservatism or progressivism depending on how the government is currently organized. I'm a leftist that thinks government is wasteful

  8. I'm not surprised Kim landed on Ambivalent Right (as I did); she is open-minded but sees the disaster that the Democrats have become. I've always leaned Right, but in college actually voted for 4 of the top 6 state offices for Democrats (more as an anti-vote against long-time popular Republican Governor in Illinois who I felt was in office too long) but have always voted Republican in presidential elections (although was very tempted to vote for Al Gore because I'm a real environmentalist, but his grifting deterred my choice). Certainly not surprised by Ryan's grouping..

  9. I took it and I don't think it reflects me well. I have historically considered myself left of center and voted mostly Democrat, though more recent events mean I consider Republicans my current political allies and plan to vote Republican in the next presidential race. I wouldn't generally say I share the same values as conservatives though, and so don't call myself republican. My guess is they're backing into a definition of Republican based on where the 50% mark is on various issues, ie they're moving self-identified dems into the Republican category . If that's true it would seem like there's more in-fighting among Republicans, when really it should be that dems are the larger group, and there's more in fighting among them.

  10. Didn't like a lot of the questions! As in agnostic atheist conservative, I was a little surprised to see they rated me as a faith and flag conservative. I guess I had enough flag in me to overshadow the lack of faith, lol.

  11. I prefer the 2 or 3 dimensional surveys that use a matrix of responses and allow for a certain nuance. One example of that is Immigration where most Americans favor LEGAL Immigration but oppose ILLEGAL Immigration because of the economic and societal effects of ILLEGAL Immigration.

  12. These are targeted Servays so private and gov corps to know who a (patriot) aka 👹 non human so really good people can be X out,no trust in men like him for they turned all dark people into beggars and squatters in their own countries. He's plays the devil's advocate.

  13. The test has vague answers that don't fall in line with my beliefs so I had to skip three questions. There are also some questions that have answers that are too hard left and right so I tried them both, this resulted in ambivalent right or progressive left. I would like to know if they are going to make a quiz were you will get answers that are more in line with others views.

  14. This political test is garbage. It is filled with false dichotomies and very little nuance. It is also tilted towards giving the best framing of the critical social justice movement. Apparently if you are a classic liberal today that equates in the test maker's mind to a committed conservative

  15. I am from whatever political group that doesn't see themselves as helpless victims who believe the government can make their lives happy. I am of whatever political party believes that working hard and saving your money is, and always has been, and always will be, the only healthy path towards a fruitful life NO MATTER what headwinds come our way (and we will ALWAYS face headwinds, such is the nature is life and this world).

  16. Just took the test. It was not accurate or scientific at all. It put me as a stressed sideliner with “liberal economic and conservative social views”, even though I chose the exact opposite options, I’m very liberal socially and more libertarian on economics. I think it put me in that group because I had mixed views from their criteria, but my answers were opposite of what they labeled me. And I’m very heavily involved in politics.

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