Pate talks 2nd District election results, new elections law | Local News

Pate talks 2nd District election results, new elections law | Local News

Pate: They didn’t avail themselves to (the Iowa courts). Just try it. And then they could say with all legitimacy, ‘The courts weren’t cooperating, we didn’t have time to do what we want to do,’ perhaps. But they don’t even know, because they didn’t even try. And that’s frustrating because this whole process is in our in our code and our rules. It’s laid out in a fashion to be as transparent as possible. We give both sides equal opportunity, and in a sense both campaigns were involved in every step of the process and the recounts. …

That was, to me, a misstep on her part and sent the wrong signal because I believe Iowans are the ones who should decide who their elected officials are. So I think that they didn’t give it a chance, so I don’t think they really have the solid ground to be critical of that process. It’s that simple.

Bureau: Looking past that and looking ahead, in case something similar happens in the future, did this process illuminate anything in state law that should be changed to broaden the way ballots can be reconsidered during a challenge?

Pate: Yes, we’ll review it. We do this typically any time after an election cycle. We go through and analyze what things we think can be improved on, better communicated, is it a rules adjustment, is it going to be a legislative adjustment. So yes, we’ll go through and look at some of these issues, and try to improve on that, because that’s the nature of the process. …

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