Panel: Why Trump Is BEATING Biden Among Latinos In Florida

Panel: Why Trump Is BEATING Biden Among Latinos In Florida

Team Rising weighs in on the latest polling out of Florida showing Hispanic voters favoring Donald Trump and seniors favoring Joe Biden.

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  1. The "Haves" for Trump:
    The greedy, selfish haves.
    The "Have-nots" for Trump:
    Have so little, they are afraid they're going to be asked to give.
    The Middle:
    Everybody else not voting for Trump

    Not my president!
    Never Trump!
    Pack your bags, Trump.

  2. Listen, people could vote for a who ever they please, but I don't give a danm what nobody says, Trump got propelled into the white house by saying keeping out Mexican and Muslims, taking Latino and Hispanic children from there parents, literally turned his back on Puerto Rico, playing games with white nationalist, and you're going to vote for him, that's some punk ass shit! Now we know how a huge percentage of Latinos and Hispanic thinks in America!

  3. Because Trump has pulled wool over their eyes! SMH!!! Shame on him! Latinos, look at what Obama/Biden did for you and the American people. They also pulled us out of a deep recession when they took over in 2009. Trump takes credit for that. SMH!!! They choose the ONLY Latina justice for the Supreme Court. The Republicans prevented Obama from choosing any more….@

  4. Why is Biden losing Latino support? Let me tell you why. Because Latinos aren’t stupid. We see the all lies and corruption of the Democratic Party. If you think you can win Latino support by playing a song Joe Biden you are severely mistaken. Trump is gaining massive support among Latinos. You should be very worried.

  5. Latino voters, black voters, Asian American voters, and many of the minority voters will save America by voting for Trump in 2020.– . They know he works hard for them. The corrupt, pandering, and disingenuous Democratic Party will lose the majority off this group in this selection and more to come. They have been taken for granted for too long. They have woken up did the DNC and corrupt Biden deception!- -. Joe Biden sold out this country, 39 years in the Senate and 9 years in the White House with Obama, where he got 3.5 billion dollars for his son from the Chinese Communist Party. It is a shameful record.

  6. Guys! Why 95% of refugees from Russia, some countries of Europe, Cuba vote for Republican party ? Because they have “good” experience of “the charms” of socialism-communism: seas of blood, mountains of corpses! Stalin killed own people much more than Hitler in War time. Worthless puppet Biden covered by communist Sanders and hitleryoung jihadist squad of AOC.

  7. TRUMP- 2020 !!! No creo que la izcquieda-socialista-democrata y los medios falsos. Si

    an engan Noviembre, perderemos AMERICA y nuestro pais se convertira en Venezuela !

    TRUMP- 2020 !

  8. PBS Frontline has clip of Trump referring to Mexicans and Latinos as “poisonous snakes” that will “bite you” if you try to help them at 2016 rally before calling to build the wall. Do latinos not know that suburban whites are more racist than ever against latinos because of Trump?

  9. About 40%+ of the electorate doesn't even bother to vote and a good portion of the rest vote for the lesser of two evils. And then there is voter suppression and election fraud which both parties engage in. It is not about "excitement" but desperation, especially in these benighted times.

    During my whole adult life (I'm 65+) I've always voted 3rd party whenever the candidates on offer were two vile to contemplate and for the last decade or so, I've been voting mostly 3rd party. Both major parties need to die and need to do so ASAP as they are worthless, even detrimental to the average American.

  10. Trump's scare tactics, holding back information on a deadly virus, creating an enemy of protestors against racism, firing staff workers when they contradict him and attacking scientists on facts are exactly the things communist leaders do to stay in power.

  11. Latina here, and in no way am I voting for Biden/Harris. I hate how much the left is concentrated on identity politics and not bringing anything to the table, only thing I hear is Trump is bad, don’t vote for the bad man. Sorry you want my vote you gotta give me a lot more than this. I want to know what your economic plan is gonna be, what are you gonna do about border security, the homeless crisis, the country’s debt deficit, education, etc… Democratic policies have failed, just take a look at California and New York.

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