Panel: Why Pete, Amy, Warren were rejected by black voters

Panel: Why Pete, Amy, Warren were rejected by black voters

Team Rising weighs in on the results of the South Carolina Primary.

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  1. Super Tuesday is going to be the real test. Young voter turnout will either 1) vote Bernie, 2) vote Biden, 3) 50-50, or 4) not turn out in numbers we all hope for. If S. Carolina is representative of Black voters in Democratic Party then California is representative of Hispanic voters in Democratic Party.

  2. Black Alabama male mid 20’s here just voted for Bernie. I wish I could do more but now we must wait to see if the turnout is great for my peers and age group because from being down here I know a lot of younger people support Bernie but they my not go to the booth

  3. They say the most important thing is defeating Trump, then they turn around and ask if you've pandered to identity groups enough. Our politics suck because the voters act like 100 different chefs all standing over the same pot trying to turn it into a 100 different things. And in the end, it's just the guy who bullshits best who wins.

  4. As a Black guy, I am disappointed we did not vote more for the candidate who ACTUALLY got arrested while protesting against racial discrimination: BERNIE 2020.

  5. My thing is – WHY would Clyburn want to (quote from MLK speech) "lead his people into a burning building"? Joe Biden is a documented racist and, a documented liar. Why would any black person trust that Biden would work in our best interest?

  6. Clyburn may be a civil rights legend and an old school hero but he endorsed a corrupt dunce in Biden who is going to lose miserably. He's also the guy who wrote the crime bill, smeared Anita Hill, voted for the credit cards and banks against bankruptcy, voted for every war, voted for every military budget, voted for the bank and wall street bailouts, voted for deregulation, a deeply corrupt long term politician who has run an embarrassing campaign. Truly sad the democratic establishment

  7. None of the candidates have an appropriate "Black" agenda, and obviously neither does the president. I'm not going for that class based stuff either, as it doesn't fix what was done on the basis of race. That being said, Clyburn is terrible. I don't care about his previous Civil Rights record, none of that matters if he isn't advocating for his people right now, and he isn't. And endorsing Biden of all the candidates, is also terrible. It's only one step above being bought off by Bloomberg.

  8. Bernie is the Only truly genuine candidate. His fight is in his bones and he's riding or dying for that fight.
    Sadly….Everyone else only pretends to be genuine. Poll tested Pete did figure 8s on Policy. Elizabeth Warren forgot she said she was a Progressive. Amy wants us to embrace Settling for Less…Cause Trump !…Biden is on the list too. Let's Not go back to the times that Created Trump.

  9. Bernie Sanders cry babies are here in full force!! Bernie, Biden, and all the other candidates are full of sh*t but if you really think for one moment that Bernie Sanders and the "give me free stuff crew" are going to get anything done you are all sadly mistaken. I'd love to believe that Bernie's plans would become a reality but most honest with themselves people know that it's not going to happen!! Bernie is over the top and he's lying to a lot of people about what is possible so with that said he's not any better than the rest of the liars.

  10. That list on the title should include BERNIE as well. BERNIE has NOT LEARNED anything from his mistakes in 2016. Hes just going on about Economic inequality in all his rallies. This IS NOT going to do it for blacks. Especially the BOOMERS. He needs to expand and talk about RACIAL issues and race relations! Very disappointing with BERNIE.

  11. Bernie actually got arrested in 1963 for marching with blacks for civil rights! How much did the establishment pay this guy? If he was an honest actor, he would have shared pictures of Bernie's college days!

  12. My vote for Trump will be a PROTEST VOTE, but will vote down ticket, hoping we can curtail his actions and behaviors! I doubt it tho, because Trump has opened a Can of Worms; they are OUT and you better believe the DNC LOVES IT! Why, observe their actions/behaviors to RIGGED the Primary to elect their Candidate are basically the same, they are overriding the RULES! Now truly what is the difference between what they are doing and what Trump has done! They are doing the same, with the exception that they are MORE SLICK, COOL & UNDERMINING in their Sell-out Traitor shit!

  13. You know what's so sad and pathetic about the Blacks in SC voting for Biden the way they did, they remind me of Trumps Die-hard Racist Supporter's, Trump no matter how badly Trumps spits, craps and steps all over us, this is the SAME MESSAGE these black folks in SC has signaled to Biden, the DNC and the Establishment Elites! It saddens me, that Black Folks STILL REMAIN this STUPID, GULLIBLE and LOYAL to the very Democratic Party who has SCREWED them royally, since the Clinton Administration!

    Because we know how the Republican Party believes and feels about Blacks and other People of Color, what so called Blacks Folks refuse to believe is that the White Racist Establishment within the Democratic Party, FEELS & BELIEVES the same way! Joe Biden has proven how Racist & Capitalist he is, via his 40 yr voting records!

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