Panel: Who should drop out now?

Panel: Who should drop out now?

Team Rising looks forward to the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday.

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  1. The guy standing the most on the right is correct. People really underestimate how older black voters are more conservative. Their deep deep deep religious views play a big role in it.

  2. I can't believe after the SC primary…that Klobuchar could seriously remain in the race. 3.1 percent. Liz Warren is still nowhere. It is probably time. Why wait to be beat by Bernie in MA…not only embarrassing, but perhaps damaging to her future senate race

  3. Ugh, it sucks to be a Sanders supporter in Missouri (it sucks to be in Missouri in general). I am still getting a gigantic group of friends to go vote for him in the primary

  4. Clearly you think everyone except Sanders should drop out so what's the point. If I wanted propaganda I could watch TYT or ROF or for serious laughs Fox news.

  5. What I don't get, is just how Voters in South Carolina seem to think Biden is better with African Americans and seem to want to vote for him slightly more than Bernie Sanders. Maj of African Americans rest of the Country favour Bernie and Bernie's got long track record standing up for rights of African Americans and all so called races and Biden's been proven as a loser who over 30 odd years cant win votes SO OBVS NOT BEST CANDIDATE IF YOU WANT TO BEAT TRUMP NATIONALLY so why are they just in South Carolina favouring Biden UNLESS ITS JUST MAINLY COS HES SPENT A TON ON ADVERTS IN S CAROLINA SURELY CANT BE JUST COS OF ONE GUY SPEAKING OUT COS HIS FAMILYS ONLY REAL EXPERIENCE OF SOMEONE SAYING THEYD STAND UP FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS WAS BIDEN BERNIE HAS SUCH A TRACK RECORD STANIDNG UP FOR THEM SEEMS TO MAKE FAR MORE SENSE TO BACK BERNIE RATHER THAN BIDEN.

  6. All the republicans like cheating pete, native american warren, pro quo joe, and koba whatever the F*** her name is need to go… your republicans in blue… go to the other side already. Ugh

  7. "Green jobs are not necessarily sustainable jobs?" and you let that right wing dogwhistle bullshit just pass? Why do you insist on having these "conservative" sacks of crap on your show?

  8. Krystal, we love the natural you! As you rise with your amazing advocacy, please, please stay natural and represent women for who they are naturally! If you start going with fake lashes etc…then you are more like a Republican woman. You are beautiful and you have the opportunity to show young woman what a naturally beautiful woman looks like. This encourages women of all ages to embrace their organic self. Thank you!

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