Panel: Top 55 Corporations Paid ZERO Taxes, Got $3 Billion From Fed Gov In 2020

Panel: Top 55 Corporations Paid ZERO Taxes, Got $3 Billion From Fed Gov In 2020

Team Rising reacts to a Washington Post report that 55 of the largest US companies skipped out on taxes in 2020.

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  1. It’s great you do 5 minute blurbs on this stuff and raise interest, but if you really want to inform people you should do a weekly deep dive and really talk to someone of influence for at least an hour. Love you people, but more is more. I think that’s the way things change.

  2. In case anyone is wondering, that's about $3.636 Billion,on average, for those 55 companies.

    The 200 Billion could be used to build one million homes, at 200K a piece. One F'n million homes!

  3. Of course it's not simple. But simplified: Republicans do not understand capitalism. The only thing they truly understand is propaganda. They win the propaganda war, lose capitalism and …..cause America's decline.

  4. Yeah, Ms. Becky down below…"corporate socialism" is right! George Carlin was right and is right to this very day…middle class America will continue to receive the "big red, white and blue" right up where the sun never shines. When middle class America starts to pay attention to the "People's Party" it's when these politicians will start listening to us, but by that time it will be too late. Hopefully, we will cross that Rubicon and there would be no turning back!

  5. That answers question from many people asked why the Democrats always love to have HIGH tax brackets both on corporate and personal income tax or those rich elites but they're still strongly supporting the Dems. Because they never pay much for both of those taxes.

  6. One last point. These panels should first show their economic credentials first as we already know we can all rant. I have zero like or dislike for Bezos and others so let’s ask, why do state and local governments give incentives for companies to come? So we can gripe about whether they pay taxes to the federal government who in turn throw much of it down a rat hole? Is it because Jeff Bezos has a great head of hair? No, it’s because of the economic activity and jobs they create. That to society is the job of the corporations. Not to act as a funnel to the federal government. Often the money is better used to expand into more jobs for these same communities, but these facts don’t make for interesting programs on YouTube.

  7. If it makes you feel better to see on paper that corporations pay tax then I don’t know what to tell you. Taxes are inflationary and always find their way to the middle to upper class. For an idealist it makes them feel good to know that a company has to waste ink on that line of their tax return , but to the politicians its a boon to know that they can sound off about the issue as convenient. I don’t want companies to pay more to pass along , but for us to pay less because of less government foolishness. I repeat, corporations are tax collectors for the government. They collect it through the products and services that we buy and forward it through the corporate tax code that that they are yakking about here.

  8. whats the point of raising corp tax when these corps don't pay. They are right about the politicians helping them. This is why money should be removed when someone is running for political office. These politicians get bribed by these corps for favors.

  9. I thought all our politicians that served more than 10 years in Washington dc were all millionaires because of hard work and base salaray!?

  10. Wish you guys would stop doing this. Its either they pay taxes or they create jobs to write off said taxes. That's the way it's always worked. Please bring a tax expert on to your show and then everyone will see

  11. Why is The Hill engaging in this "company X paid zero in taxes!" Propoganda? You know it's not true. Paying zero corporate tax is not the same as paying zero taxes total. That's like saying I paid zero capital gains tax therefore I paid zero in taxes last year

  12. Yet another video confirming that Rising hosts do not understand what corporate tax rates actually cause. Corporations never pay taxes, they never have, they never will. The cost is passed on to consumers, period. If any added cost is too great to justify paying a person to perform the work, it is outsourced or integrated into existing model. These truths aren’t different for any type of business, in any country. Corporations are nothing but an entity for tax purposes. By their nature they are supposed to avoid as much taxation as possible, and for publicly traded entities, they have an obligation to do so for shareholders. Easy to get likes by parroting emotional hot topics instead of actually helping inform your audience. Either you don’t know better (acceptable), or you do know better and choose to reinforce the falsehoods so often repeated across all media.

  13. The corporate tax rate was slashed from 35% to 21%, no corporate tax deductions/credits were eliminated, and then clowns like Manchin are saying "I'll only settle for 27%". It's all game they only win and the rest of us lose. Love how they act like it wasn't 35% before (yes I'm very aware their effective tax rate is miniscule after all the ridiculous deductions either way).

  14. You guys need to cover where the rebates come from.. For example, what if they donate millions to charities? Or the location of a warehouse means jobs which isn't nothing… We need more nuance here for a better view

  15. So can we do some math in regards to the taxes that the corporation generates, real estate tax, payroll tax, employees income tax before we make assumptions. So harder on corporations creates less jobs right? So do we want them to get taxed more and provide less jobs. What’s better for people? Because money going to the government is flushing it down the toilet. I would rather people get the money through their jobs and let them decide how to spend.

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