Panel: This one chart tells the whole story of the 2020 election

Panel: This one chart tells the whole story of the 2020 election

Team Rising analyzes how wealth distribution became so unequal between generations.

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  1. Bruh, I don't know who that Black woman is on the panel but she's not well informed. She doesn't believe in socialism's redistributive power because she's never done the math. If you take Home Depot's profit (net profit, not gross) margin of >$8 billion and divide it up between it's ENTIRE workforce, every employee at Home Depot could make well over $200,000 per year. This is completely separate from stock valuations/dividends profit as far as I can tell. And Home Depot is simply a glorified warehouse for other manufacturer's products, they don't make shit.

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  3. Most middle class family wealth is consumed in end-of-life care leaving a legacy of debt or empty coffers and enriching corporate health care, eldercare and drug makers. Don't look to get much from your parents, the parasites will beat you to it.

  4. Everyone keeps talking about cost of health care, and cost of college but they are not addressing why we now have problems with theses costs. From the 1930’s to 1980 workers wages inflated close to the same rate as the dollars inflation. From 1980 til today the only social class with any inflation on their wages is the upper middle class; those making over 85k per year. This inflation was only a 1.37 times the dollar. From 1980 until today the dollars worth 3.12. A good way of putting that is that if you took the US house hold average income of 39k in 1980 and you stated what it should be today that would equal $121,760.00. If you take the fact that there are on average 2.2 working persons per household today while in 1980 there was 1.6 the average household income today should be $194,816.00. So why are we not at 194k average household income today. In 1980 the first server based computer was introduced into the work force this started the trend of replacing human based production on technology based production. Our GDP is based off of production yet these companies are collecting the additional revenue placed on the economic flow system. If our household income today was 194k we would not complain about social income inequality, we would not complain of the cost of healthcare, and we would not complain of the cost of college. UBI is basically reparations for the destructive methods that companies are using to destroy our economy, and the years that our government has not adjust GDP.

  5. Millennial are being called "entitled" as yet another divisiveness tactic. (Used to be Black people are lazy. Women are fluffy thinkers. etc. etc.) And thank you for you saying that saying "Boomers" (a term that, in and of itself is an attempt to invalidate an entire generation) are all a bunch of rich A-holes who don't care about anybody. What a bunch of BS. As you say, there are "boomers" who are splitting their pills, can't afford to eat adequately. IT'S ABOUT CLASS. Let's stop making it about generational identity.

  6. Should you not compare your country to other developed nations? Why r you comparing the US to developing nations? This is the dumbest comparison.

  7. Patrice Onwuka trots out the tired talking point that the poor in the U.S. live comparatively better than the poor in some other countries. So that's the justification you have of supporting policies that don't uplift the poor? We shouldn't stop helping those that do not have enough until they have enough.

  8. "I don't want to gaslight, but I have family who live in places where the roads aren't paved"
    Is she talking about a foreign country? I've lived in Alabama, California, Nevada and a couple other states as well, my roads weren't paved either. Where I lived in California, you had to drive a long way to find asphalt.
    Does she not KNOW this? Is she so out of touch that she doesn't realize there are places in the US with unpaved roads?

  9. What the black lady described was communism, not socialism, and we're not even saying abolish capitalism – we're fighting for social democracy. Needless to say she can't tell her ass from a whole in the ground

  10. Max is great. One of your best panelists. The conservative panelist is one of your worst. She and Andrew Feldman should form a company giving bad analysis so that everyone knows to assume the exact opposite is correct.

  11. Patrice is a moron! Bernie and AOC’s vision of democratic socialism is to improve the lives of the working class, not the millionaires and billionaires who are benefiting from this corrupt system.

    We CAN improve people’s lives by stoping the ridiculous regime change wars and bloated defense budget.

  12. It is categorically untrue that poor people in the US are not as deprived as the poor in other countries. UN report on poverty in the US documents the US. ranking at or near the bottom among OECD on statistical indices of poverty , and many Americans experience deep poverty comparable to underdeveloped countries with conditions such as food insecurity, lack of access to sanitation facilities, lack of shelter, lack of medical care, etc. Drive through West Oakland with block after block of sidewalk encampments literally constructed from garbage.

  13. I’m a Boomer, but I totally identify with the 35-and-under crowd who overwhelmingly support Bernie. It ALL comes down to who’s on your side, who has fought for you, who WILL fight for you, versus who is bought and paid for by corporate power. Unless you’re a billionaire, Bernie’s on your side. Biden, Buttigieg, the media-lamented Harris, Booker, Bloomberg, Klobuchar—they chose a side, and it isn’t you.

  14. We are not all bad. I have supported Bernie Sanders for years. When we were millennial age in the sixties we were as Left as they are today, perhaps even more so. Many of has have been jaded by the overwhelming success of the nealiberal propaganda machine, complements of Ronald Reagan, but not all of us bought it. I will not be around to see what the millennials look like in 50 years, but I predict most, not all, will succumb also.

  15. People have been conflating socialism and communism without really understanding the two. Hell, I don't understand it fully either. And that's the problem when we try to debate around it.

  16. NO Patrice. You are talking out of both sides of your face. Stop with the “Poor people in the US can’t complain” – it shows you to be a heartless hate filled selfish monster and a corrupt tool for the capitalist oligarchy

  17. If you look back at politics of the 1960's Johnson started it with letting congress steal from social security. Then Reganomics then to big to fail. With policies like these it's lucky the american people are as strong as they are. Guess you can blame each generation for what they believed and voted for but it was back then as it is now you don't usually get the whole truth especially from our government. 67 and feeling the Bern.

  18. Alvarez is always a great guest. Always comes prepared, well informed, and doesn't have meaningless fluff when he speaks like some of the other guests (I'm thinking especially Holly Turner). But can someone please try to get him to stop looking up at the ceiling? The avoidance of eye contact is really distracting and weird and detracts, unfairly or not, from his insightful contributions.

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