Panel REACTS: Ro Khanna URGES Pelosi To Take Stimulus Deal ASAP

Panel REACTS: Ro Khanna URGES Pelosi To Take Stimulus Deal ASAP

Team Rising weighs in on Rep. Ro. Khanna’s statements about the $1.8 Trillion stimulus that House Speaker Pelosi rejected ahead of the election.

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  1. It's incredibly hurtful & insulting to watch people talk about this in terms of political
    gain or loss. No one ever mentions us, the people right now who are unemployed bc we still haven't
    gone back to work or have no work to go back to.
    Pelosi is the ONLY one who rejected these offers, ALL of them, including offers to do stand alone bills for unemployment & stimulus checks. We've been waiting since July!
    I'm losing my home & most everything else including any dignity left.
    And now, after the election, the talk is all about when Biden is sworn in. Another 2 1/2 months!!
    WHY ARE WE BEING OVERLOOKED??? We will all be homeless by then!

  2. So, Pelosi thought she would win the senate and increase their majority…. Shows how disconnected the leaders are/were. Perhaps she needs more expensive icecream to cool off.

  3. Didn’t the Bill pass the house and McConnell reject it at the last minute before the elections? I read it in the news and Thom Hartmann said so. Can someone confirm?

  4. pelosi –i am going to take the deal —-in january —–so trump doesnt get any credit —-meanwhile the people who are hurting can eat ice cream and chocolate

  5. If Trump had won, we would likely be getting checks next week.

    Because Biden won, Pelosi has decided to up the bill to 3.4 Trillion and wait until he takes office in Jan, which means no checks until Feb or March, in the midst of a 3 month lockdown, IF Republicans do not block it. Thanks Biden voters!

  6. Pelosi is a monster. She is willing to let Americans starve for political gain. She has held up stimulus for 6 months and now wants to wait until next year!

  7. She is still refusing to make a deal until Biden enters office next year. She is willing to let Americans starve for political gains.

    If you wish to understand why French peasants beheaded the out of touch rich elites 200 years ago, just look at Pelosi.

  8. The people won't get a stimulus that chance done gone nancy should have strike a deal when when she had the Republicans backs against the wall now ain't a snow ball chance in hell a stimulus bill Will get pass so the american people just got to suffer until this coronavirus pandemic over mitch mcconnell will shoot any bill down the democrats propose it's not about the people anymore

  9. If our government can't get this done they can be fired. And the money we paid into our security system can be given back. Yep job done unsuccessful therefore they do not get their payment they have to pay all of that money back or go to jail end pay it back. I'm getting sick and tired of this s***. They are not are kings and queens they do not rule us we rule them. The only people they rule are sadistic sick people that can't stop hurting other people. What they're doing is the same damn thing. Just cuz they do it with a smile and they'll I don't mean s***.

  10. This is why no one backs dems. Pelosi didn't take the deal cuz it ain't enough. Canada has been 2000 a month 4every1 till july2021.we can do better.
    Have some balls when it comes to the needs of the people.

  11. Wow he really gets to say that at the end. Democrats wont kill the hostage. When he previously stated that Nancy was willing to not help the US people just to get a win at the presidental polls. I would have to say that she put the guns right up to the US peoples head and said good luck if you dont like what i am doing. Letting that slide was not honest interviewing.

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