Panel: Obama breaks Andrew Yang's heart

Panel: Obama breaks Andrew Yang's heart

Team Rising analyzes the Bloomberg effect and Andrew Yang’s interview with the NYT Editorial board.

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  1. I agree. Obama had so much potential. Had Obama not gotten us into so many wars and not created an immigration crisis. In my opinion he would’ve been up their with the GOATs of presidents… I still think he’s better than both George Bush’s though so I’m not really disappointed.

  2. Watching the Sagaar, Krystal tag-team the nervous/cautious/polite Dem(jawando) was interesting. Who is that pandering guy next to Krystal?
    This is really the Sagaar show, isn't it? Everything else is just hi-tones/low-notes to his message :/

  3. indeed there could have been more done, but honestly it seemed pretty obvious to me that almost 75% of Obama's efforts to try to start anything were stopped by the rotten republicans. why have you all forgotten just how much republicans have moved to block literally every single thing that was ever planned…They were trying to block testing for the coronavirus ! how depraved do they have to be before you wake up about them? Obama would honestly have been walking Jesus Christ if the republicans weren't there!!! They're absolutely vicious! Its like you guys have forgotten how extensive the control of money has over all parts of congress… how can you guys forget that?? There's a million bills that the white house wanted to pass and 999,988 of them died on the senate or house floor one way or another… I'm pretty damn sure if it was possible Obama would have passed criminal justice reform. I dont think you guys appreciate just how much of a miracle it was that Obama managed to pass medicare… People were literally just bugs in the wind before that… Is it because now that ppl have the safety that Obama care affords you guys have just forgotten about that??

  4. Yang 2024. As for Obama, he had to have politicians back him and work with him which they did not. I voted for Obama because he was against the Iraq war which this narrator just mentioned. Also people need health care and he inherited a recession.

  5. A black president takes his ego more seriously than rallying up people to get things done in DC and fix Justice system Vs A supposed racist president got bills passed! Hmmm who is disappointing?

  6. Bloomberg is running commercials that makes it sound like Obama is endorsing him, and people are actually believing it. Obama feels like he can't step up and say something about it because Bloomberg campaigned for him.

  7. Obama was all in on corporatism. Still is. The single most important policy going forward is to get  corporate money out of politics. Michael Bloomberg should be told to get lost and to take his money with him.

  8. Obama was more concerned with impressing corporate interests than he was in making real change for those who voted for him. The Democrats had control of the house and had an opportunity to reform the justice system for people of colour. He bailed out the banks and had the opportunity to regulate and ensure they were under regulatory control. He did neither.

  9. Obama was a good Uncle Tom Republican! He saved the banks while sacrificing the People! What a guy. The audacity of 8 years of no hope and no change. Bombed 5 nations against Congress! What a guy!

  10. Well, let’s not forget that the Republicans made it impossible for Obama to move forward. The Wallstreet meltdown was going on too….how soon we forget.
    —Let’s NOT FORGET that Obama was against the U.S. going to Iraq which is why I voted for him.

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