Panel: Laura Ingraham Tells Viewers 'IT'S OVER' For Trump

Panel: Laura Ingraham Tells Viewers 'IT'S OVER' For Trump

Fox News personality Laura Ingraham breaks the tough news to her viewers.

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  1. Idiots you know the election had fraud I can't believe they even had these two on here I thought this was something else this is just a left-wing hack show disinformation CNN is disinformation you do not stop an election in the middle of night and come up with a bunch of folks that are for the opponent and only for the opponent which is Joe Biden and he wins the guy never came out of his basement. Look at him now he can't run this country you people are freaking idiots

  2. These two analyst they have on here there a joke to who are they if they are pathetic. And they're wrong as usual probably some left-wing hack at least they act like it what a joke

  3. The Biden Administration will never do anything for the American people. He will never be able to make appearances in public like the Great True President Donald Trump due to fear, which only proves that his being in office, was never the will of the people. Biden will be known as the worst president in American History, that could not accomplish anything other than the dismantling of Americas greatest policies and regulations, in order to fill his own pockets..

  4. In 2016, why didn’t “the liberal left” gather from all parts of the country, bringing weapons, tactical gear, arms and bombs, amass at The US Capitol building for an armed rebellion?!!


    Fox News has been HYPER spreading election conspiracy to their audience of neo-Nazi fascists.
    They believed it and took action as the POTUS told them to…

    That is NOT what “the liberal media” does!

  5. When mobs took over the Capitol, they chanted death to Mike Pence, and a group of them were attempting to find Pence and hang him on a noose that was erected in front of the Capitol. Laura Ingraham is directly responsible for inciting this mob rule and attempting to kill Pence. In 60 courts of law vote fraud has been rejected, including the Supreme Court. By pushing the conspiracy vote fraud idea, she has shown that he has rejected the rule of law in America, and adopted the rule of mob rule. It is clear Ingraham is working for QAnon, and working to undermine the constitution of the United States, in favor of mob rule and the principles of might makes right. This person promotes domestic terrorism and should be removed from television.

  6. It’s completely disingenuous for me to see Dems that called us racists and propagated Russiagate for 4 yrs to say this. They never accepted 2016 and spent 4 years undermining Trump every single day! They are hypocrites of the highest order. This country is in real trouble. For all u commenters below that wanna respond, show me when a guy (Biden) won 13% of counties and won in a landslide. Show me another POTUS that picked up 14Mill more votes and lost. U can’t. It does not happen except when u have mass mail in ballots which have never been done before. Ever.

  7. The media is taking a reality move now and it is getting scary because people will start to look like the Trump party is going to loos because iifnyou damning proof you have to act fast but if you delay the supporters will suspect the whole voter F is made up and u eventually loos support

  8. There is something fishy with this election but that said Biden will be inaugurated come Jan 20. There's a larger game at play here and Biden may have wizened up to it. The game is to install Ms. Harris as the POTUS! Fasten your seat belts!!

  9. Thought she was smart; then she should have waited for Jan06 and Jan 20. Now she appears as a go with flow person instead of a person that would research to see if it is really finalized. In other words, she is gullible to anything. New electors are being elected, they are still having hearings. She has either been paid to concede, been a puppet all along with the corrupt republicans, or just too dumb or lazy with no wisdom to research for herself.

  10. What the hell are you talking about!!! Everything that OAN and News Max have been informing the public about what has really been happening an all the Big Media did was Lie about it and say that it’s been debunked. Now that everyone knows IT ALL WAS TRUE and those news stations where BROADCASTING information about everything , following President Trump as well as following the Trump rallies. Transparency and Truth

  11. The thing about Fox News is they agitate people and leave them frustrated and very angry. It is good for ratings.
    They are not in touch with the reality of everyday Americans. We are tired of "news" that manipulates us and takes advantage of us.

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