Panel: GOP couldn't stop Trump, can Dems stop Bernie?

Panel: GOP couldn't stop Trump, can Dems stop Bernie?

Team Rising talks polls showing Biden vs. Bernie neck and neck, debate the electability of both candidates.

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  1. The DNC would rather see Trump as President than Bernie they would rather take a chance on Biden loosing than to see Bernie win the nomination and the presidency

  2. The DNC is a gang, plain and simple they stole Bernie's nomination in 2016 and gave it to a murderous hag. And will do the same in 2020 Bernie is the clear favorite amongst Democrat voters, but the DNC is going to force him out …… again and give the nomination to one of their gang members….. creepy Joe Biden folks….. he'll be smelling your 14 year old daughters hair on a campaign trail near you.

  3. Bernie is popular with people that don’t vote, illegal immigrants and the young. So, sure, he is the most popular senator but not the most electable.

  4. Republican media is more cunning than dem media. CNN/MSNBC gave trump billions in free media. Fox News, although being more fair, still smears bernie as a Castro commie lover the majority of the time they talk about him. There is no way to get bernie's message out there without first fighting through the msm smears

  5. The DNC is the RNC, one big fake wrestling match for the benefit of their corporate owners. The solution is Bernie spins off and runs as the Socially Progressive Party, he has the money and people. Stop saying they're your friend, Sociopaths are no one's friend.

  6. Can the Dems stop Bernie? The simple answer is yes. All their donors are freaked out. Their donors, I need not remind you, run this country. What they want they get. There will be no exception here. The election will be between Biden and Trump.
    The working classes are strictly prohibited from having a seat at the table.

  7. Wrong Krystal. Bernie will not take off the gloves, let alone go "for the jugular". Bloomberg will give Biden all his operatives and fund the whole campaign.

  8. Young people don’t vote in primaries. That’s why Bernie is suffering. Young people are disconnected as a whole. The establishment knows they can jam anyone they want down Americans throat. After watching this past few days I’m ready to almost give up on American democracy.

  9. Can he be stopped? He was. The way things look there's no way Bernie will be able to accumulate at least a third of the delegates needed. So, when the superdelegats walk in, Bernie walks out.

    It's his own fault. His insistence on calling himself a socialist is doing him in. People in the US live in fear and socialism is part of that fear. Yet, to back the things that Bernie sells a person doesn't have to be a socialist.

    Bloomberg knows that and because he knows that I heard him offering it.

    Sanders can keep on indulging himself calling himself a socialist but by doing that he is working for the man. Like it or not, he is doing so.

  10. I guess the answer to this question is an equivocal yes, the Dems are corrupt and powerful enough to stop Bernie. Now the question becomes, will progressives fight back? As Kyle Kulinski says, violence is not the answer, but clearly something needs to be done.

  11. It’s funny to hear people take this process seriously. The Democratic Party is corrupt. Joe Biden is a corrupt politician in addition to being senile. Bernie is a bridge too far for most Americans despite his avid base. But Bernie is a wimp and won’t fight Joe any more than he fought Hillary.

  12. Typically you guys separate yourself from the rest of the media, but for this election cycle, you guys have learned no more than the rest of the media by reporting nothing but polls. The polls have been wrong. They were wrong in 2016 and they have been wrong this cycle.

  13. Spoiler Alert: Super Tuesday ended Bernie in the public perception. HOW Biden got so many wins, the first time in his 30 or more years and his multiple times running, while he can string a sentence together, shows the DNC Primary is a fraud. WRITE BERNIE IN ON YOUR PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT. Check to make sure, if you need to get paperwork from your state first to have your write in count in the Presidential election.

  14. Seems like the Great Progressive Revolution is harder to achieve than we thought and things need to get worse (Biden nomination, Trump reelected, massive national debts, recession,…) before they can get better (AOC 2028)

  15. The DNC hasn't had a backbone for more than 4 years (well more like 30) now when Bernie is about to get the nomination they finally do something and, of course, it is the wrong thing.

  16. While Solomon has received significant media attention for his work at The Hill, Finkelstein has stayed out of the headlines, despite having himself played a crucial role in the saga.

  17. All this of full Crap. The elections was rigged and it is rigged, so you guys in the Rising Program you are talking in circles. How can you win when the elections rigged and controlled by the terrorist domestic national Corporate Democrats. He does not a fighter, Bernie Sanders to win and Bernie Sanders is not a fighter he will win

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