Panel: Dem Pollsters ADMIT They Failed, Have No Clue Why

Panel: Dem Pollsters ADMIT They Failed, Have No Clue Why

Team Rising reacts to Dem pollsters acknowledging major errors in the 2020 election polling.

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  1. If the establishment controls the poll questions and answers, and those questions and answers get repeated ad nausium on MSM as a way to indoctrinate the populace, they can use that to drive policy in a direction they want.

    I'm sure this has been going on for a very long time. The big difference is that now people have access to alternative news sources, and are much more resistant to indoctrination, which means they aren't voting the way the MSM is telling them to vote with their false polling.

  2. How could they have failed? They got the most popular president ever. According to the how were their polls wrong? The winning results even surpassed their predictions so far they were wrong too.. they really underestimated the popularity of the Biden Harris ticket right??🤣😂😅

  3. Yeah but Trump was right. Trump was pretty much right about everything he ranted about. It may upset a lot of folks, but he called out the need to bring back troops (there you go Biden, go do it). He called our fake media (CNN is now on blast). He called out pollsters, and now here we go on that. He even admitted he used the existes tax loopholes to avoid paying all he should have paid—which angered people but he outed the upper class.

    People hated Trump, but Trump was pointing out the quagmire but because people are so easily manipulated by optics and did not even bother to look at the policies he had.

  4. They all want to be part of the machine that pays you to manufacture the reality the wealthy want to here! Just more yes men in a dying county pretending they aren't responsible for the corpse.

  5. The real explanation is the simplest. The disconnect between polling and election results goes back to the elections in the late 1990s where polling firms cut back or stopped doing exit polls because they skewed so far from the final results. The polls and polling hasn't changed in decades, what has changed is the explosion of proprietary electronic voting machines for which the results can be easily manipulated. They're scratching their heads over the wrong mystery. It's not the polls that are defective, it's the corrupt elections.

  6. Hey Rising, take this to heart and quit telling us what percentage of America supports things. They are junk statistics you spew daily and you probably know it.

  7. Yeah blaming Trump is BS, even in Canada here the polls are so skewed left. They predicted that Alberta would vote 40% conservative in the last eleciton and it ended up being 55%.

  8. The Dems need to conduct open, transparent investigations into the past 4 years. Benghazi-style investigations with national media coverage into the pandemic response, the child seperation policy at the border, corruption among Trump and his senior staff, etc. Don't hold back, have multiple investigations going in parellel and broadcast them all. While Trump's followers might be immune from facts, I suspect a bunch of moderates will be appalled by everything that happened. More than that, we need justice.

  9. At this point what difference does it make Democrats ability to cheat is unchallenged at this point they can win any election at any time simply by cheating in many different ways there will never be another Fair election in America

  10. I wonder if the polling firms are cutting corners and costs by not getting the right demographics in their samples. It takes time effort and money to get it right. In the rush to be first and cheap they stopped listening to the mathematicians and statisticians and scientists.

  11. They didn’t know because when you have a survey where the respondent hangs up on you, those don’t get counted… When I did surveys for the 2020 election, I had Trump supporters that would just hang up in the middle of the survey because they couldn’t defend anything that Trump did or does..

    When you have a bunch of terminated surveys, it changes the stats..

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