Panel: Dem Officials Try To Cancel Thanksgiving After Appearing At Protests, Election Rally

Panel: Dem Officials Try To Cancel Thanksgiving After Appearing At Protests, Election Rally

Team Rising reacts to the Chicago Mayor declaring a “stay at home policy” and her attendance at a Biden rally. They also weigh in on Dr. Fauci’s statements that there is “no desire for a national lockdown.”

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  1. More responsible conversation? Have you ever listened to Beijing Beiden? The reason there will be a culture war over a national shut down is because he is not a King. The President can’t shut down the country. It is in direct opposition the our Constitution. Trump was brilliant in his management of CV.

  2. So you can sit down all summer long with strangers outside in an enclosed space and eat lunch and dinner without masks and also protest on top of thousands of people…but now you're gathering with family who you KNOW and therefore know whether they've been tested and they're sick or not sick. Nationally? Each state has to decide whether they lock down or not. We're states. We're not one huge entity that's ruled by just one power. States. Get it??? And Trump did cut off international travel from China which was "racist" and "xenophobic" right? Now all of a sudden …. NATIONALLY, SHOULD HAVE LOCKED DOWN. As of March 1, there was not even one death in NY for example. By March 20 there were over 1000 cases and deaths. There has never been anything like this before. If H1N1 was handled the same way during Obama's time, everything he would have done would have been just praised and lauded and he would have gotten a Nobel Peace prize for it. "Conversations." Oh Lord. She needs to go somewhere. Testing….vaccines. There's so many different ideas and regulations. From going back to school to going back to work to wearing masks vs not. It's all a mess. Oh and it's all Trump's fault. Don't forget to say that over and over. Trump is in every hospital, in ever clinic, in every school, in every state, omnipresent, he's there messing it up. Oh and vaccines are just a silver bullet right???

  3. Staycation is not funny when you see the dots forming for this to be a world takeover and millions not exactly enjoying getting thrown out of their homes. A little sensitivity wouldnt hurt. And stop stigmatizing progressives not on board with Biden as if they are Trumpers.

  4. Setting aside the talk of the “hypocrisy “ of government officials and the “mixed messages” they transmit, at what point do we as adults stop focusing on what examples the politicians are setting with regard to MEDICAL MATTERS? Why are people seeking medical advice from politicians, many of whom don’t know how to be POLITICIANS, in the first place? We are in the midst of a PANDEMIC that is decimating the world due to its virulence. That’s all I need to know. Whether or not somebody else decides to wear a mask is between them and their higher power and has no direct effect on my personal health UNLESS I ALLOW IT TO. The fact that a politician refuses to practice common sense preventatives simply reinforces a lesson that I had already learned by observing Donald Trump: even idiots of the truly blithering variety can be elevated into positions of power by the equally idiotic. I wear a mask because it protects me from others and it protects others from me. Period.

  5. My 94 yr old grandma with dementia was held prisoner in nursing home where no one could visit her. She didnt rem her daughter, grand d, ect… even with these precautions another floor in the nursing home got covid.
    We busted her outa there even though we r very stretched for time, space, $, but we will make it work.
    Point is: this thanksgiving she will b with her family and loved ones!
    P.s. its been just 2 weeks and she is already better/remembers again who we r.

  6. Narrsasit.. bossy , controlling, and the more you resist them the more powerful they become .they have no room for opinions other than their own. Deep down they know this so called virus is a joke. But it the Perfect chance. The Perfect platform to stand tall and high above you because as children they were bullied.. hence they became a bully but of the dangerous kind .
    Welcome to the( covert narrsasit )
    They will not stop until they destroy
    You and as they do it thay rub your back and wipe away your tears whilst softly whispering everything is going to be ok just trust me.

  7. I don't see hypocrocy with this show pointing to demacratic officials locking down but doesn't point to Republican officials calling for lockdowns.
    North and South Dakota to name two,
    Take away, once again
    Republicans are good
    Dems are bad

  8. hypocrisy doesn't mean they're wrong, an alcoholic telling you to not get drunk every night is hypocritical but he's wrong, getting drunk every night is bad. a lock down is a good idea to save people's lives and the right wing just use hypocrisy to say their right is like an unapologetic drunk saying getting drunk every night is a good thing because the other drunk is a hypocrite.

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