Panel DEBATES: Did Trump Say Fallen Soldiers Are 'Losers' Or Is It A Plot?

Panel DEBATES: Did Trump Say Fallen Soldiers Are 'Losers' Or Is It A Plot?

Team Rising reacts to recent allegations of Trump belittling fallen soldiers, and polling revealing who most service members are supporting.

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  1. All this is hearsay from this magazine.
    Most likely twisted. Most know President Trump was talking about those like John McCain. Most Veterans know McCain sold-out to safe his own butt.

  2. Once again no proof all allegations from fake media y'all need to get a life and report true comments and events do you know the difference between proof it means show me him saying that.

  3. President Trump would never say that. Where's the video, where are the people accusing him?! He has done more than anyone for Veterans and made it possible to fire people instead of keeping on the bad actors at the Vet Admin. I thought the Hill was middle of the road, but every video from them tells me that they are leftists. The young news (?) people here are woke, brainless and lacking common sense. Dems spied on Trump's campaign and then came up with the Russian hoax, created by Hillary, Obama and Biden. Why did Obama wait to come out for Biden? Because he knew Biden is dumb and not fit to run.

  4. Shame on the Hill the bounty story is false no evidence what so ever. It's a CIA false story like they always do to prolong an illegal war ! NBC even walked back the story that the story was less than conclusive!!

  5. Trump is the only president that didnt start any new wars and brought our soldiers home from wars… he loves our soldiers… cant imagine him saying anything like that.. all the media to is lie

  6. Your 1st question should be " How much stupid shit has left the Presidents mouth since he's been in office? ". You know he said it, because he just says whatever. He needs ALL the attention. Talking about dead soldiers detracts from that.

  7. Saager was defending this shit saying its the neo cons letting this out, what excuse he got for trump knowingly neglecting his corona response, dude on record in February acknowleding how deadly this virus is. Lemme guess the neo cons let this out too?

  8. I don't care if Trump said it or not. In this age of nonexistant death panels, migrant caravans and banning suburbs, Republicans don't get to complain about lying.
    It's time for the Democrats to fight just as dirty. When they go low, don't go high. You kick them in the teeth.

  9. Is it possible? Sure. I think it's Unlikely and unless any of us were there, we don't know and pretending to act as though you do whether true or not is ignorant.

  10. It's really simple. If he said it, then shame on him but you can't really be surprised that he did. If the media source is lying, then shame on them but you can't really be surprised if they did. That's where we are in society. Both sides of the coin are despicable

  11. Colin Rogero is nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece. He didn't even make arguments to support his position he just reasserted it as if it were a proven fact. Garbage. This show used to call out BS like that but it is slipping into placating people like Colin instead of challenging them. I have already unsubscribed and I'm going to have to tell youtube to stop suggesting this show to me.

  12. I have two sons in the military one in the Air Force and the other in the Navy neither one will talk politics because they are both more Democrat inclined and most of the people around them are Trump supporters

  13. you are entitled to believe trump said these things, perfectly consistent with his character.
    but despising trump won't solve your problem:
    the political structure of the nation is unfit for purpose. if changing that structure is too hard, then usa and the lower 80% are going down the toilet.

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