Over 100 House Republicans Support Challenge To 2020 Election Results | TODAY

Over 100 House Republicans Support Challenge To 2020 Election Results | TODAY

More than 100 House Republicans are now supporting an effort to overturn President Trump’s loss in the 2020 election. But a group of state attorneys general is fighting back. NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker reports for TODAY.
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Over 100 House Republicans Support Challenge To 2020 Election Results | TODAY


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  1. Republicians stand up your going to lose the party. All these marchers are going to turn on your party. Trump is the one who would die for this country and where are you? You needed to show your supporters that you care and come out and make a stand. This is it….

  2. Sure hope the Senate republicans are watching this March and feel intense shame. You have let these people down, your more spineless then I thought. Shame on you. You ask the people to vote for 2 republicans in Georgia, but you cannot even come out and be a part of this March. TRUMP is the leader of the people not the spineless republicans.

  3. Somebody please change the baby's diaper, put him in his crib, and give him his pacifier! Trump is worse than a two month old! This is what happens when you've been raised to believe that your entitled to everything, and are better than everybody else!

  4. The Senate or the lower house, the key members of the republic are all bought off by China, except for Mr. Trump and people of usa. i don't know? how much china bought them so they sale country like that

  5. ? Ded you vote for Biden he told us that he likes it wen kids put there hands up his pants he claims hes going to cure cancer his family is under investigation by FBI and DOJ he is putting the white house for sale. And if you voted for him shame on you

  6. To be fair. Everyone doubted Trumps win in 2016 throughout his entire presidency and even after the 2020 results. Yet why is everyone so surprised when the shoe is on the other foot? You all brought on yourselves. Hes only doing what yall have been doing for the past 4 years. You sow it and weep. Im done with the many contradictions

  7. The CDC says there are probably eight times more cases than are being reported.
    Okay so 8 times 16 million equals 128 million cases. Divide that into 298,000 deaths, times 100. That equals a death rate of only .23%. That means a survival rate of 99.77%. Remember, that is EVEN IF YOU GET covid-19. Pretty good odds!!



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  9. There's been no Treasons commited by a Republican, smh to the hypocrisy by democrats all were trying to do is have honest material be heard in a court of law and thats treason. YOU PEOPLE ARE EXTREMELY MENTALLY CHALLENGED. UNHINGED. The only outcome I see happening is civil war just because of some of the rhetoric coming from democrats mouths its despicable and they get a free pass to do it

  10. If US is now surrounded by Crooked Law Makers even at the Supreme Court ..the only chance for America to Redeem it's Dignity and Integrity to fight for the Truth and change ts History its through the Ultimatum of PEOPLE POWER ! …Let the People Decide who owns the american land and it's Goverment be the BOSS ! ..It's already a Battle Between Good ( Truth ) and Bad ( Fraud ) ..Just keep Fighting & Make Noise to be Heard ..see how our country the Philippines did it !!! …

  11. There is only one word for what the Repugnant Republicans are doing right now… Treason! Democrats are spineless and weak. They should be impeaching him right now so he can't pardon himself. The right has moved so far right, that centrists and the left are now Right and dont even know it. Progressives are the new Left. The founding Fathers were Progressive no doubt. Even the Republicans.

  12. By gaining 10 seats in the House and by having a good chance to remain control of the Senate, Republicans are the real winners in the 2020 elections. They have a lot to lose with the president’s continued attacks on the credibility of the 2020 elections.
    It’s unfortunate they don’t have more influence in convincing the president to celebrate their victories and the will of the American people.https://youtu.be/24QKYig1prU

  13. PEOPLE POWER !!! …is the Only Way for American People to Overturn it's Nation's Election Result System & it's History, when all legal suits fails 'cause US have many corrupt Law Makers and Blind Judicial System who are now Leftist influenced. It's for the People to Decide ..A Bloodless People's Revolt must start now for them to overthrow their corrupt Officials, Cancel the Business Licenses of the Bias Leftist Media and Push the Leader whom they wanted to Lead ..The voice of the People is the Voice of God. See how our country the Philippines did it ! …How we overturn elections, overthrow and jail corrupt Officials and Shuts down Media Giants like Abs Cbn running for 50 yrs. who keeps spreading lies and Bias News ..and how we implement Martial Law when needed to secure the safety and walfare of the people like in Marawi and Mindanao before ..We may be a small country like a Little David of Asia but we know how to Bring Down Giants with our People's Force every time we fight with Unity for Something because we love our nation so much and we don't let Bias Medias and Corrupt Officials manipulate our lives anymore..We are all enligthened now who's Real and Not…Pres. Trump of US must be as Tough and Fierceless Leader like our Very own President Duterte is, who Fear no one and would really imposed his Political Will on War on Drugs, Corrupt Officials and Terrorist Attacts …What must be Done Must be Done for the Sake of the People! ..this is Actually a Battle Between Good and Evil, using the Technology of I.T. system to cheat Trump and the People of America for stealing their Votes ..These Foreign Intruders wanted desperately to Control America 'cause they envy your country so much as a Super Power Nation, in a subtle way slowly but surely by putting up their own allies in the position to easily penetrate US for their selfish agendas, that will put the lives and welfare of the American People at Risk, with their Communism Dominion who doesn't recognize God, and that's too Dangerous to be led with their Distorted Ideologies and Detructive Influence that will only make America soon a Modern Day Sodom and Gomora and shall experience God's Wrath Soon..and that is thier ultimate Goal to Ruin America & it's People…Infact, they are surely enjoying seing your country being disoriented and divided now on the election fraud crisis that you are facing.. Don't let them Sabotage Your Nation's Honor and and Integrity, here lies the Present and Future of the United States of America.So Act now to Save America from being Doomed ! ..Just Keep the Faith ñ Keep Fighting for the Truth & Freedom…Don't let Evil reign in US ..Don't Give up and Give America to Satan and it's Corrupt Allies ..All People must go out and make a Nationwide Noise & Revolt for a PEOPLE POWER to Oust Crooked Law Makers and push Trump to declare Martial Law to Save America from Destruction of Foreign Interference….There's no other way ! ..Let the People Decide ..Calling all the People of America to show your Power & Force as the Real Boss ! ..Again, The Voice of the People is the Voice of God! ..The Future of America and the Protection of Small Nations like us ( Philippines & Israel ) against the Bullying of these Foreign Intruders lies on the hands of the Rightful Leader ( Pres. Trump ) and it's People..Defend America NOW..it's a NOW OR NEVER THING ..So before it's too late …ACT NOW PEOPLE OF AMERICA ! ..EXCERCISE YOUR POWERFUL FORCE THROUGH A– PEOPLE POWER — AS THE REAL BIG BOSS OF YOUR LAND ! …GOD BLESS AMERICA. !!! …


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