Oprah Winfrey vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Oprah Winfrey vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Could Oprah Winfrey beat Donald Trump in 2020?

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  1. Oprah would win Colorado in a landslide. I don't think you understand how beloved Oprah is to us middle aged women. I'm not sure where you are getting this "no name recognition" thing. I'm guessing it is an age difference thing, but she is basically a best friend avatar for almost every woman between the ages of 40-65.

  2. Oprah knows sound bites and is shrewd at getting people to pay attention. She is actually successful at making money and building an empire on TV. Which is a lot more than Trump.

  3. Who cares who will win if thrump wins again he only be president 4 years more and no more of him he's old he can't be running as a president more years no worries everything will be ok in 2024 we will have a different president don't cry about it… That's if trump doesn't end the world with a damn war before we get to see 2020 or 2024

  4. I feel like if Oprah ran, she would surround herself with people who would support her and educate her. Her vice would be someone with considerable experience. My only feR that I feel would cause her to lose is she isn’t polarizing and entertaining enough to beat Trump when he starts his name calling. She’d be like Hillary in that regard, not inspirational enough to get idiot (feel good only) voters votes.

  5. Bro…. As we know… Everyone predicted Hillary will win but the results were shocking…. You never know what's gonna trigger people these days and make them change their mind to vote for the other side

  6. Sadly, I think the people that wouldn't be put off by the fact she's a tv celebrity with no government experience (even though they like her), are the same people who think TRUMP was a good idea, and those are probably the same people who wouldn't want to vote for a woman or an African American person.  Morons in other words.
    Smart, progressive, responsible people may LIKE Oprah… but would be uneasy making her President.

  7. All Oprah would have to do would be educate herself on political issues (she already knows as much as Trump does at least) and get some good political advisors and she's win for sure! I like your videos but it there is ONE that is completely wrong it's this one! She is VERY popular! Trump is not! She would probably win at least narrowly. She's almost better known than Trump!

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