NY Gov. Hochul Holds Covid-19 Briefing As 28,000 Cases Sets New Daily Record

NY Gov. Hochul Holds Covid-19 Briefing As 28,000 Cases Sets New Daily Record

Wednesday, New York Governor Hochul talked about Omicron cases in New York, one of the hardest-hit states by the new variant.

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  1. Fantastic another Progressive Democratic Sanctuary State agenda along with California have the most Deaths from Covid19. How does it feel to live in a Dictatorial Government ? How many citizens have lost their Business & life savings. WELL DONE

  2. * Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of
    * None of these “bans” “orders” “mandates” and “restrictions” are Constitutional and everyone upholding such are in violation of their Oath of Office to uphold and sustain the Constitution! tyrant💯💯💯

    * ArtVI.C3.1 Oaths of Office
    * ArtVI.C3.1.1  Oath of Office Requirement
    * ArtVI.C3.1.2  Bar on Religious Tests
    * Oath of office on file if not your a tyrant

    Servants are supposed to do as they are told and INSTRUCTED. They do not have the power to alter the Fundamental Law or the Constitutions PERIOD.

  3. I am surprised that this woman has not locked everyone in their homes until Covid ends and make it a felony to leave you home where you would be imprisoned without a trial for 5 years. Just wait, it is coming. Marxists always behave this way.

  4. If you vote Democrat and live in NYC, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. I voted for Sliwa. Mr. BLM ex-cop won by a landslide. This city is quickly turning back into the dumpster fire we extinguished through Republican leadership in the 90s. Way too many New Yorkers think communism and gibsmedats are the answer. As soon as I have enough money, I'm heading to a red state and voting Republican. This Hochul chick is a nut job.

  5. Well, she's looking rather giddy and pleased with herself. Hopefully, she'll find some time in her busy schedule to visit the former healthcare workers living on the street due to her mandate, or visit the graves of those who overdosed or committed suicide after losing there careers, because they would not take risky experimental pharmaceuticals that they didn't need because they were already naturally immune.

  6. We’re getting crushed over here in New York. We aren’t worried about covid, we’re worried about the cost of living and taxes that are absolutely crushing us. Everyone here is completely miserable just trying to get by.

  7. Use your power of eminent domain, acquire these empty corporate buildings in nyc, and transform them into hospitals. Like Eric said and is being echoed in Australia, this is our new normal. It's not going away. You can't vaccinate your way out of it. We need a comprehensive approach like Japan. Only a fool argues with success.

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