Nina Turner CALLS OUT Biden campaign for not considering progressive Black women for VP

Nina Turner CALLS OUT Biden campaign for not considering progressive Black women for VP

Former National Co-chair to the Bernie Sanders campaign
Nina Turner weighs in on Biden’s VP pick and explains why Barbara Lee isn’t being considered.

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  1. You think Biden would have chose Kamala Harris….Not in this life time, He was told Harris would be his running mate. He wouldn't have chose a black or a female.

  2. I hear ya and I hear you but, honestly, I'm happy he picked a Black woman period. I think there's room for everyone under the big tent but right now we have a house on fire( voting Trump out of office) we can worry about the drapes & furniture later. Do we really want another four years of Donald Trump? I do appreciate Sen Sanders for putting his ambition aside to promote the ticket.

  3. Progressives should ride out this election cycle then leave the Dem party in mass. Go to green or start their own party. These neo lib main stream Dems do not deserve the effort.

  4. Mam… took it to the streets and lost. Progressive need to not fight openly. It's Ignorance. AGAIN you did that already and lost 2 times. The PEOPLE REJECTED SANDERS ..NOT BIDEN? CRAZY ARGUMENT

  5. This may be a very short sided view. BIDEN judgment I trust as for 8 years he served as VP. OBAMA WILL HELP HIM WITH THE PICK. I TRUST THEIR EXPERIENCE OVER OUTSIDE OPINIONS.

  6. I'm terrified of a Kamala VP who is seen month after month looking at Biden, having more and more difficulty to hide her hopes that Biden will die and she can be president. And her fakest laugh and also all the media pretending it's great that she's "black" (she's Indian). All the while, everyone happy to have gotten rid of Trump and now everything is dandy while she ramps up foreign wars and police state.

  7. I don’t get it, strategically if I’m looking to conquer a party that’s DEEPLY fractured, and I beat my opponent 65% to 35%, I would go to my second place opponent and shake his hand and ask him to join my team and bring his troops. I’d win massive points in his troops eyes by offering the olive branch, and even allude to them being able to win me over on some of their goals, even if not true, I need them to believe so. That way come November I bring the full night of my party down against my opponent

  8. A weak-willed vermin like the corporate establishment warmonger Biden will never allow a strong-willed women like Barbara Lee and Nina Turner.

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