News Update: Election audit faces another legal battle

News Update: Election audit faces another legal battle

Arizona Republican senators want access to Maricopa County’s computer routers for their unprecedented audit which could lead to another legal battle and Gov. Doug Ducey signed an election bill into law that purges the early voting list of certain inactive voters.


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  1. This is not as much as I would have done, just like anything else if you do not use it you loose it, so if you cannot find the time or take the time to vote at 1once every other election then you need to signup again. I am an early voter and I have no issues signing up again if I let my vote lapse that long. I say way to go, get our elections cleaned up!!!! I think they should make sure that each early voter has to also verify our status and address every 2 years at the minimum! Stop voter fraud is the best thing we can do. What other country allows for this early voting without proof of who you are?? NONE!!! So with all the technology, we need to tighten the voter registration to legal citizens, not just who the Democrats what to allow!

  2. As an independent Maricopa county voter I am very concerned about being told you did two audits already and then I learn you dont even posses the administrative password to have done those audits🤨 oh and why is the sheriff's department sharing a router with the Maricopa county elections, an election where sheriff Penzone was running for office in 2020, that would have given him internet access to his own election smh. FINISH THIS AUDIT, PERIOD!!!
    Audit the sherriff's race now as well👍

  3. Fraudulent Election Results

    Not only were the US election results of 2020 corrupted on a massive scale but all results since 2004 appear to follow statistically impossible polling ballot curves. With both sides of the political divide deeply entrenched in covering up the FRAUD; military intervention & new elections to expel this evil practice should be the order of the day!

  4. The fanatical trump supporters tried a coup on Jan. 6. Now they continue that coup with a slow moving insurrection of rigged 'audits'.
    We see what you fanatics are doing.

  5. Everything is about the minority now a days. How about accountability. How about we investigate if in fact there were those who worked to overturn democracy and any found guilty are executed at a firing line for treason.

  6. Fools all of you! We know the truth and you all will be gone!! AMERICA 1st 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. I always hand over my passwords, birth date, SSN and bank account number to pseudo official companies that asked for them. It's how I'm gonna become a millionaire once that wire transfer happens from that deposed nigerian prince.

  8. Viral all on Internet, World Public Media News bout to be deplatformed. Defunded World Public Trust destroyed America and Worl will never Buy any Product or Products these Media News Sell, Public has Power not To Buy anything they Sell, huge Stock Dump Like The Boston Tea Party, Public has been decieved, enormous customer. Investor, irrepable Damage Done.

  9. Give me a dam break I'm latino and not a Democrat because you guys are liars and cheaters period look what your doing in Maricopa and you also think people are stupid quit your fake ass games already we the people deserve to have our voices heard

  10. Cyber ninjas know there isnt any widespread fraud so now they are just grasping at straws. They want the routers in Hope's there is something on them. When they find out there isnt they will ask for something else

  11. You have to consider the possibility that there could be no router at the audit. Fact is, there is an explosive story breaking that you will not find in mainstream media, because Legislatures will not give up their routers from the actual 2020 election. Media is likely conspiring (as they often do) to set up this story to make it sound like the auditor company itself is the one who will not hand over THEIR routers. You gotta think three steps ahead of the lying machine. Above, is a letter the Senate wrote to the Legislature last week, in part, because Legislature refuses to honor the court ordered subpeonas dated from all the way back in January, to hand over the actual 2020 election routers to the Senate for investigation.


    1. Deleted databases

    2. No chain of custody

    3. Nobody knows the admin password

    4. Election officials panicking

    5. Huge amounts of digitally adjudicated ballots

    6. Not allowed to look at the router

    7. Router shared with at least 50 other networks

    8. Election run by a private vendor

    9. A hundred lawyers defending election officials

    10. Soros’ Sheriff running interference

    11. Ignored subpoenas

    12. Missing ballots

    13. Hammer and scorecard?

    14. Secretary of state taking campaign gifts from foreign countries

    15. County voter files hacked then covered up

    16. SQL server back door

    17. Not allowed to discuss any of this on socialist media.

  13. They were court ordered to give them those items for the audit…you are behind on the latest news….the left deleted the data right before the audit started ! This is a Crime ! This Is Treason ! Just shows how guilty the democrats & Rino’s are !

  14. All the states thats run by democrat especially the state the just flip they too should change there voting bill and state that biden lost in he should do an audit there aswell

  15. They refuse to turn over the Routers. They claim they can’t find them. Huh? Why? Because it will show who had access and when they were used. It will expose the Fraud. That’s why they don’t want to cooperate. They are hiding something!

    If they were confident in their win they would not be holding the evidence back. It will take a judges order apparently to get access.
    The massive fraud will be exposed soon! No way did Biden win with legitimate votes. He had fixers make sure he won with fraudulent votes. Over a hundred thousand illegal votes.

  16. I want my prediction to be screenshotted please. And when it comes to pass, I want it known. I appreciate that. I predict that this re-count and audit, even being a Republican-run and Republican-hired event, will not end in favor of the Republican party. The Republicans set up this event in their favor, under pretext that they value the results of this event. But when the results do not go in their favor, they will not value the results anymore. They will claim, again, that the event was, again, rigged against them and that these recounts/audits don't matter (Even though they themselves did it). They will further push international and domestic conspiracies and continue pushing the "cancel culture" that started when they didn't get what they wanted. They will continue to say that the Republican Party is being "cancelled", and call it "fake news" when someone says that the election was not stolen. They will continue to fail to provide a single example of false votes. They will not be able to provide a name, social security number, date, time, location, confession, video or any other indicator of voter fraud. Republicans that stand on the side of logic and truth will be "cancelled" in the name of cultism. Like they did with Liz Cheney. Mark my words. This audit will change nothing and the very people that put it together will claim it was rigged against them, even though they hold every card in the "deck" for this audit. If this turns out wrong, I want to be held to the fire by everyone who sees this. Whether it be 1 person or a million people. I believe that the Republican party is just this petty, predictable and corrupt. The next move is theirs.

  17. The computer routers should have never been hooked up to the county or to the internet the board is supervisors should be behind bars along with Katie Hobb

  18. The Democrats are the racist as they don't think the people of color can get an ID or a job or an education well I work with a lot of black people they all have jobs educations and IDs you know they even drive cars because they're fucking humans just like everyone else in this world when you play stupid games you win stupid prizes

  19. If they have nothing to hide then why are they doing such a good job at trying to hide it.
    Oh and we have recovered the deleted files and that's a whole different part of the audit now

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