New POLLS change entire 2020 race 1 week OUT

New POLLS change entire 2020 race 1 week OUT

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Purpose of the channel:
I am a political science major who spends all my free time learning about contemporary US politics. I have a distinct interest in the study of US elections and campaigns which is the focus of my channel. My most common videos consist of me filling out a Presidential electoral map with different color classifications for each state that represent how competitive I think each state will be. Still, I do many other videos that cover the US Senate elections, US House elections, Vice Presidential selection, how each candidate’s campaign strategy, hypothetical Presidential matchups in the future and in the past, analysis of primary and general election.
Common Q and A:
► What are my ratings for my electoral maps (lean, likely, etc.)?
Tilt: Less than 2%, Lean: 2-5%, Likely: 5-12%, Safe: 12%+
► Will I continue with my Youtube channel after the 2020 elections?
► What will I change your name to after the 2020 elections are over?
I will let my subscribers vote on this, but I am leaning toward “Ben’s Election Predictions” right now
► What are my personal political views?
I choose not to broadcast them to my audience for the purpose of this channel. I try to be as unbiased as possible because I believe that lends credibility to my channel.
► What website do I use for my electoral projections? or
► How often do I upload?
Usually once or twice a day
► When do I typically go live?
Usually once or twice a week towards the evening. I will announce when I do so though.
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  1. In 2016, Biden & Obama received $1Billion of bribe from Chinese communist for US not interrupting China's building artificial island in South China Sea. Source said.

  2. Because he's probably going to pack the court. Which if the dems have the vote, I see no problem with it. Rep got the votes to block Garland and vote in Barret and I see no problems with that besides the hypocrisy.

  3. Wow. There are a lot of ppl commenting on here that are way too emotional lol.
    First time watching one of your videos and I think you did a great job breaking down both sides. Dont pay attention to some of these comments.

  4. Not surprised that media are not hyping Biden emails because it's the same old play book that Russia and Trump did with Clinton emails. Just as well because it saves face for America who seems unaware that Russia has been undermining other democratic elections in other countries too, as well as blatantly poisoning opposition people. You can fool people sometimes, but you can't fool them all of the time. Good luck.

  5. Biden2020, The 25th Amendment was created to make Madam Kamala Harris the first Women President of the USA. Mr.Biden will happily retire as The President of the USA. Vote Biden2020

  6. I predict, that Trump has a 80% chance of winning. In Florida trump will probably win. The Democrats are clearly ahead in the absentee voting, but in person early voting looks so good for the Republicans, that we can predict that Trump will carry Florida by a 2% margin. In Pennsylvania Biden has had a comfortable lead and the absentee voting is looking good for the Democrats. But the ban of fracking would cost 609000 jobs in Pennsylvania only. This promise, which Biden has done, will berry him in Pennsylvania. If Trump will win both Florida and Pennsylvania, then his hand will be strong. He can afford to loose three middle-sized states, which he won in 2016, and still win the second term.

  7. Ben you deserve way more praise for your research and non-partisan presentation than some of these ridiculous comments are giving you. Just know that you have fans who appreciate what you’re doing. Keep it up 🔥

  8. Dude you don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you question why you have so many republican spineless senators that are manipulating politics to benefit their power hunger agenda do a video on that

  9. Right now at this time I believe Trump wins. I also believe the election is going to be razor thin close in many of the states. Mr Bidens lack of clarity on expanding SCOTUS and fracking will cost him some votes.

  10. Court packing is what McConnell has been doing. He stole a nomination from Obama in 2016 because, as he said, the seat opened up in an election year. Well that was in February of the election, but now he pushed through a SCOTUS judge for a seat that opened up in September of an election year. Hypocritical asshole.

  11. China, Russia, North Korea they all want Biden to win check their news and websites. America has been hijacked since 1996 good luck with many future wars ahead. Me chillin' in the U.K. The federal reserve owns your money, you are slaves to the private organization. The President is a puppet your country is not a democracy.

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